Papa Johns has released a breakfast pizza made with a baked bean base

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There was a time when spreading anything other than tomato sauce over your dough would get you thrown out of Italy. Thankfully for boundary-pushing pizza-lovers, times have changed. However, even in an age where barbecue sauce and creamy carbonara are acceptable alternatives, some bases still raise an eyebrow. 

Determined to push the pizza boat out even further than any of their already eccentric competitors, world-renowned restaurant group Papa John’s has decided to introduce a dish that will enrage traditionalists and anyone who prefers to skip breakfast. As of Thursday, British customers will be able to enjoy an all-new breakfast pizza, made with a baked bean base.

Topped with other classical English breakfast ingredients like bacon, sausage, mushrooms and potato tots, the new pie is as far from Neapolitan tradition as it’s possible to get. Available from May 7th on a strictly limited basis, the dish is set to retail for just £14.99, making it an affordable alternative if you’ve already exhausted all the other outlandish options on Deliveroo. 

Why not try and make our Heinz Breakfast Pizza:

As per to The Sun, Papa John’s marketing director Giles Codd said of the pizza in a press release:

“Whether you’re nursing a hangover following a virtual pub quiz, or looking for a bank holiday brunch with a twist, our breakfast pizza makes for a great addition to your bank holiday weekend.

“It’s only available for a very short period, five days in fact, so we urge all pizza and breakfast fans to try it before it’s bean and gone!”

It’s easy to dismiss something this bizarre as little more than a gimmick. However, especially in these troubled times, it’s exciting to have something so unashamedly weird on the menu. At the very least, it could help provide a welcome break in the monotony midweek dining, even if it does sound slightly scary.