Pizzeria invents dream pizza for pickle lovers and we are here for it

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Pickles are a notoriously divisive food. But whether you love or loathe them, there are some people who will always take their pickle love to a whole new level – and no, I’m not talking about pregnant women (although they’d definitely be down for this one).

Now, QC Pizza pizzeria in Mahtomedia, Minnesota, has created a pickle pizza pie, which is absolutely smothered in sliced pickles.

Yup, you read that right. So either it’s the stuff of nightmares if, like me, you can’t pull the pickles off your burger fast enough, or a dream come true if you’re the first one to offer a home to your friends’ unwanted pickles (no judgments here).

The pizza is inspired by a traditional snack from the area, Minnesota Sushi.

A YouTuber tries out the pickle pizza pie in the video below: 

Explaining how to create the desirable snack, Food Beast wrote: “Take a pickle spear and slather cream cheese around it. Then, a slice of ham (or luncheon meat) is wrapped around the cheese-covered pickle. It’s then cut into slices and served as a bite-sized snack.”

And thanks to that snack, the people have been gifted the pizza they never knew they needed, which is hilariously called “It’s Kind Of A Big Dill”.

And if the picture below is anything to go by, it really is!

If this looks like something you’d like to emulate at home (sadly, not all of us can get to Minnesota at the drop of a hat), you will need to create a garlic dill sauce and make some crusty dough.

Simply put the sauce on the dough, add a layer of bacon (QC Pizza uses a homemade brand that’s been smoked for 48 hours) and then a layer of pickles.

And for dessert, why not try this pickle-flavoured ice cream:

After this, add a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, more pickles (obviously), dill and voilà!

To be honest, pizza pie sounds like a winner regardless of what toppings you’re into. With a recipe like this, you could easily make the ultimate pepperoni pizza, or, take an equally divisive option, and go for pineapple (it’s tasty, I promise).

And if you’re a fan of pizza twists, check out this sloppy joe pizza:

This article originally appeared on vt.co