Police deliver Happy Meal after boy calls 911 demanding McDonald’s

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Maybe it’s the salt. Maybe it’s the sugar. Maybe it’s the fact that almost everything is cooked in oil and coated in something chemically and delicious. Whatever the reason, everyone knows that there are times when fast food is simply irresistible. Eating an apple or a salad might make more nutritional sense, but sometimes all you need is nugs. 

These cravings can mean that some people are forced to do silly things to get their fix. Normally, this just involves a 3:00 AM Maccies run. However, just occasionally, the situation can be so dire that the law has to get involved. 

A five-year-old from Arizona has made headlines this week after his need for fast-food was so serious that he decided to dial 911. As if this wasn’t unusual enough, an officer arrived at his home 15 minutes later, holding a Happy Meal. 

In an extra twist to the tale, it transpired that Charlie, who had requested “one McHappy Meal” from the cops before promptly hanging up, had actually been making the request on behalf of his sister, Jaydn. As the siblings’ mum, Kim, told Today in an interview, “That’s what Jadyn gets. Charlie only eats the chicken nuggets, he’s always looking out for Jadyn.”

When officer Randolph “Scott” Valdez arrived at the family home, he had a few words of advice for Charlie. As Kim relayed, “He explained how if he’s busy bringing Happy Meals to kids, he can’t help people who really need him.”

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In a statement made to the Arizona Republic, Police Chief Ramon Batista said:

“We are very proud of how Officer Valdez and Dispatcher Anthony Bonilla responded. They showed compassion and concern for a young Mesa community member and turned this encounter into a teaching moment.”

“Officer Valdez took time with this young boy, to share the importance of 911 and its proper use for emergencies only.”

“It’s another example of the character and strength of our Mesa Police Department. It’s our hope that this positive encounter with the Mesa Police Department will make a lasting impression with Charlie and the rest of our Mesa community.”

Who says that fast food doesn’t have any value?