Popeyes unveils new spicy “voodoo tenders”

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Now that the furore around their first-ever fried chicken sandwich has started to fade, you could be forgiven for thinking that Popeyes were in for an underwhelming winter. Surely, when you’ve successfully broken the internet with one fast-food release, anything else that follows is bound to seem a little meh. But, like a surprisingly delicious zombie, Popeyes has managed to resurrect itself with a menu item that proves they’re still alive and kicking.


Arriving just in time to take advantage of spooky season, the franchise has unveiled their new scarily spicy “Voodoo Chicken Tenders”. Served with a sweet chilli and garlic-flavoured “Voodoo Sauce”, the new item is available in both a three and five-piece combo meal, and proves that Popeyes aren’t out of exciting new chicken ideas just yet. 


The tenders themselves come topped with a liberal sprinkling of chopped green chives for an added oniony hit, while the meal deal also delivers one of the chain’s legendary biscuits as well as a signature side of your choice. Starting at just $5, this Halloween special seems too good to pass up. 

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Early reviews of the Voodoo Tenders have been fairly positive. YouTuber Ian K favourably likened the tenders to the chain’s now-defunct “Hot Honey Crunch” item from previous years, while Foodbeast wrote that, “The sauce itself is quite nice, and the spice actually comes through without being overpowering.” Alongside the aesthetically pleasing dusting of chives, it’s hard to argue that the Voodoo Tenders look anything other than yummy. 


In other, perhaps more pressing Popeyes news, there has been no word on when the chain’s legendary fried chicken sandwich will be making its return. As irritating as this will undoubtedly be for fans, it looks like there is an equally intriguing alternative available if you want it. It might not be a sandwich, but these tenders certainly seem up to scratch.