Reese’s reveal new “Holiday Lights” that look like peanut-stuffed eggs

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Most people assume that the end of October is peak candy season. These people have clearly never known the joys of waking up on December 25th with a stocking overflowing with chocolate goodies, safe in the knowledge that – for this day at least – anything goes as far as diet is concerned. Only over Christmas could you get away with chocolate for breakfast followed by a 4,000 calorie turkey-fest. Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year. 

As if to acknowledge the debt that the confectionery industry owes to baby Jesus and his birthday, peanut butter specialist Reese’s has decided that 2019 is in dire need of a delicious lift. To pay homage to our lord and saviour/slavishly satisfy the insatiable god of corporate capitalism, the company has unveiled a four-pack of festive chocolate “Holiday Lights”, just in time for the inevitable end of year goodie spree. Deck the halls and set those sleigh bells a-jingling. Christmas 2019 just got interesting. 

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The Holiday Lights pack provides four egg-shaped chocolate “bulbs” – each wrapped in a different colour of tin foil and stuffed with a sweet and salty “peanut butter creme”. According to the description provided in press materials:

“These new peanut butter and chocolate festive lights look just like the ones hanging on your tree only these are edible! The new Reese’s Peanut Butter Holiday Lights make great stocking stuffers for those Reese’s lovers in your life.”

According to a report by Best Products, the Holiday Lights are available at most major retailers as of October 28th, meaning that anyone feeling extra seasonal can stock up early. They say that Christmas comes earlier every year. At least now you can survive the inevitable Mariah and Wham! onslaught with a side dish of something nutty and delicious.