Restaurant offers “free barbecue for life” to anyone who helps catch robbery suspects

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In exciting news for hungry vigilantes, preventing crime could be about to become an extremely profitable pastime thanks to one Indiana barbecue restaurant. Rusted Silo Southern BBQ, based out of the town of Lizton, has decided to put a delicious bounty on the head of a gang of local criminals, by rewarding anyone who provides information that leads to their arrest-free food for life. In Indiana, apparently, crime clearly can pay – so long as you’re on the right side of the law. 

Owner Rob Ecker was inspired after the restaurant suffered a break-in on Friday night, during which the Rusted Silo’s antique cash register was pilfered and broken. The thieves allegedly used a crowbar to access the building, before shutting off the lights so that their faces could not be seen by CCTV. 

In addition to reporting the incident to local authorities, Ecker decided to take matters into his own hands. Taking to the internet, the proprietor created a wanted poster, outlining the handsome reward he was prepared to pay for helping to solve the mystery. The poster, which featured a shadowy silhouette, read:

“REWARD FREE BBQ FOR LIFE – Late Friday night the Rusted Silo was broken into and robbed. If you have information leading to the successful prosecution of those involved you will receive free barbecue for life. Snitching never tasted so good.”

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In addition to the online version, Ecker has also distributed dozens of printed copies to customers in order to spread the word. In a report by Fox News, the owner confirmed that the “free food for life” offer will be made redeemable in weekly $25 increments. For the sake of a centenarian cash register, at least one member of the gang might consider grassing on the others at this stage – it could well turn out to be more advantageous in the long run.