8 of the most ridiculously expensive Easter eggs from around the world

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Easter eggs can cost a pretty penny – but some price tags are just ridiculous.

While Easter is a time when we all go a little crazy for chocolate, there comes a point when you have to say enough is enough.

We all know delicate milk and rich dark chocolates are delicious – but we shouldn’t have to spend a week’s wages for the privilege.

Chocolate Easter Eggs The most expensive Easter eggs have some seriously silly price tags (Credit: Alamy/RTimages)

The most expensive Easter eggs

However, if you feel like your inner chocoholic needs to be treated after 12 months of lockdown, there are ways to go completely OTT.

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Here, we look at some of the most expensive Easter eggs on the market today and what you could get for a three-figure sum. It might be a questionable investment, but the results are pretty spectacular…

most expensive Easter eggs The Hotel Chocolat ostrich egg is one of the most expensive on the market (Credit: Amazon)

1. Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg – £80

Kicking off our list is living proof that size really does matter. Hotel Chocolat’s luxury ostrich egg has been a fixture for several years and remains noteworthy for its impressive dimensions.

The £80 egg weighs well over a kilo and includes a 70% chocolate shell and rich chocolate truffle filling. Although not currently listed on the official Hotel Chocolat website, it can be bought on Amazon.

Fortnum & Mason egg The Fortnum & Mason painted egg is available for £95 (Credit: Fortnum & Mason)

2. Fortnum & Mason Painted Egg – £95

Fortnum & Mason has long been the name in luxury British treats and this year is no exception. The famous Piccadilly department store has a range of exciting Easter options, including this £95 luxury egg.

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Each individual egg is hand-painted, giving purchasers a number of interesting egg options. Still, if you ever want to eat your chocolate rather than just put it behind glass, this may not be the option for you.

Venchi Hazelnut egg The Venchi Hazelnut Egg is available at a 40% discount (Credit: Venchi)

3. Venchi Nut Egg – £100

The Venchi Hazelnut Egg may actually represent one of the best returns on investment in this entire list. Filled with an inner mantle of whole hazelnuts, this treat would ordinarily stretch the boundaries of any Easter budget.

However, according to the Venchi website, the £100, 1kg egg is currently available for a whopping 40% discount. £60 may still be an obscene amount to spent on chocolate, but think of the savings!

Marchesi egg box The Marchesi egg box comes with several stylish components (Credit: Marchesi)

4. Marchesi egg box – £115

One way to justify a three-figure egg spending spree is if you end up with more than one egg at the end. If quantity is as important to you as quality, you may want to consider the Marchesi egg box.

Made by London-based Milanese chocolatiers Marchesi, this gift box includes one big egg, several smaller eggs and a stylish hamper. At £115, however, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

Most expensive Easter egg The ‘hatching rabbit’ egg costs a whopping £139 (Credit: Pierre Marcolini)

5. Pierre Marcolini hatching rabbit – £139

The biological canon behind Easter rabbits and eggs has always been a little confusing. This year, Pierre Marcolini appears to have taken this mythology to disturbing new extremes.

Featuring a slightly traumatised-looking bunny emerging from an eggy prison, this treat also comes with several chocolatey extras. At £139, the price is as much of a statement as the appearance.

Harvey Nichols most expensive Easter egg Harvey Nichols Egg With Ears is actually ceramic (Credit: Harvey Nichols)

6. Harvey Nichols’ Egg With Ears – £140

One of the basic tests for any chocolate egg should be “can you eat it?” On this front, anyone buying Harvey Nichols’ eye-watering Egg With Ears is sure to be disappointed.

The actual egg itself is made out of a ceramic shell, hand-painted and adorned with delicate rabbit ears. Although the treat comes stuffed with several indulgent chocolate truffles, £140 might be a bit steep for something you can’t actually eat.

Fortnum & Mason praline egg box Fortnum & Mason’s impressive praline egg box contains over 100 eggs (Credit: Fortnum & Mason)

7. Fortnum & Mason Praline Egg Box – £160

What’s better than one Fortnum & Mason egg? A whole box-load of Fortnum & Mason eggs, of course. With the £160 Fortnum & Mason Praline Egg Box, Easter egg lovers can get just that.

Weighing more than 2.5 kilos and featuring over 100 individual eggs, this treat really redefines Easter decadence. If praline is your thing, there aren’t many better options.

Citroen Easter egg The Hotel de Crillon egg features a Citroen bursting through a chocolate wall (Credit: Rosewood Hotels)

8. Le Boudoir Citroen Egg – Unknown

While adding an exorbitant price tag can up the intrigue of an egg, it’s much more mysterious to avoid giving a price altogether.

This incredible sculpted car egg, courtesy of Hotel de Crillon, is available by special request via the Rosewood Hotel website. While some sources list the cost at around £65, it’s much more fan to maintain the mystery.