Scottish takeaway launches “world’s unhealthiest pizza” and it looks just as awesome as it sounds

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Even if you try to be fairly restrained with your order, pizza is an indulgence. Layers of dough, cheese, tomato and toppings might be one of the most delicious things on earth, but it’s never going to win any awards as a diet food. Quite frankly, who cares. It’s still damn tasty.

pizza on a board Credit: Pixabay/ponce-photography

If you’re being really picky, some pizzas are obviously much “worse” than others. A personal margherita is never going to have quite the same impact as a 22” Mighty Meaty, but the choice has still always been much of a muchness. That is, until a Glasgow takeaway decided to take indulgent pizza making to a completely new level.

Described by the creators at Romans Pizza in Merchant City as a “Glaswegian twist” on the Neapolitan original, the pizza eschews traditional ingredients like mozzarella and san marzano tomatoes for a much more heavyweight line up. Featuring Mars bars, almonds, chocolate ice cream and caramel sauce, the new creation weighs in at a whopping 2,000 calories – making it one of the most unhealthy pizzas on earth, relative to its size.

The key to the pizza’s calorie count is in the cooking. Rather than taking a traditional stone-baked approach, the pizza sees Mars bar-stuffed dough plunged into a deep fat fryer. When the cooked Mars bar calzone is removed, chef Dawid Radwinski covers it in shaved nuts, a dollop of ice cream and a generous lashing of warm caramel sauce. Despite being only a little larger than a human hand, the dessert is designed to be a sharer – tackling it solo comes with a serious risk of coronary complications.

Inspired by the great Scottish takeaway tradition of the deep-fried Mars bar, the team at Romans pizza are proud to be breaking new ground. Speaking to the Mirror, Radwinksi revealed that he “has been a professional chef for 20 years, and what (they’ve) done is truly unique.  

According to Romans’ general manager Fraser Walker, the concept was born out of a conversation between himself and Radwinski and a desire to try something new. Speaking to the Glasgow Evening Times, Walker revealed that “the shop has been open here for about five and a half months, and we wanted to bring out something different. This is because we are known for our Roman-style pizza, and after speaking to the chef about different ideas we came up with that.”

The people of Glasgow seem to be happy that they did. Despite the implications of eating two deep fried Mars bars, dough and ice cream, the new creation has proved extremely popular with the public. There has even been one report of a relative requesting that a “Marsgherita” be sent back to Germany so that they don’t miss out.

As if we needed it, this new takeaway twist offers further proof that when it comes to making awesome food, you need look no further than the deep fat fryer. Even when you’re working with a food as revered as pizza, it’s perfectly possible to come up with something seriously left-field, yet still tasty. For a pizza experience you won’t forget, the solution is simple – head straight to Scotland.