Shake Shack have just released a secret “Game of Thrones” menu

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s April 2019, which means that the entire planet has gone Thrones-crazy. The last season of HBO’s boob, incest and dragon-heavy smash-hit has got fans around the world salivating over the prospect of more bloodshed and the inevitable untimely deaths of dozens beloved characters. To say that anticipation is high would be like calling Cersei pretty sneaky – obvious, to the point of being insulting.

As with anything this zeitgeisty, the world’s big businesses are eager looking to take advantage. As the countdown to Thrones o’clock ticks ever closer, all sorts of companies with an incredibly tenuous collection to fantasy fiction have been trying to jump on the bandwagon. Already, fans can, should they wish, get their on Arya Stark-themed Mountain Dew and White Walker-inspired whisky. However, arguably taking the top spot for most dedicated cynical cash-grab comes American burger specialists Shake Shack.

As of this week, and for a limited time only, the New York-based chain will be offering its customers a secret “Dracarys Burger” and a “Dragonglass Shake”, available only from their famous Madison Square Park location. The dragon-like sandwich features two monterey jack loaded patties, slabs of bacon and a generous dollop spicy ShackSauce for added firepower.

The “Dragonglass Shake”, by contrast, has been designed to bring cooling relief after the heat of the burger, combining ice-cold custard and crunchy shards of Dragonglass. Despite looking like something forged in the belly of Dragonstone, the spiky beverage is actually decorated with spiky toffee bits – not something that could be used to kill an undead king. However, the flavour of mint and chocolate is said to be delicious by those who have been privy to a preview.

Unfortunately for Game of Thrones fast food fans, getting your hands on the two new additions isn’t simply a matter of rocking up to the New York restaurant and handing over some cash. In order to be allowed to try the burger, Shake Shack insist that all customers place their order in Valyrian, the language spoken by the characters in the series.

Naturally, this could be a barrier to anyone who hasn’t been brushing up on their fantastical linguistics. Fortunately, however, Shake Shack haven’t left their fans completely in the dark. For the duration of the promotion, stores will provide a handy guide revealing the translations for each menu item and suggested etiquette for placing an order. The guide includes the Valyrian for “Dracarys Burger” (“Drakaro Parkliapos”), “Bend the Knee” (“Sir Oduihas”) and “Shake Shack” (“Rholītso Rhakion”), among other useful phrases.

The restaurant currently plan to extend the promotion for the burger until April 21st, whilst the shake will remain on menus until May 21st, leaving hopeful diners with plenty of opportunity to practise their language skills. In ordinary circumstances, themed promotions can struggle to live up to the hype. The evidence suggests that Shake Shack’s offering may just deliver the goods.