Someone has just invented chicken nugget ice cream

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you asked everyone on earth to draw up their ultimate death row dinner, the chances are that both ice cream and chicken nuggets would feature pretty prominently. Even if you disagree with both the dairy industry and McDonald’s in general, it takes someone seriously delusional to claim that both aren’t properly delicious.

Generally speaking, this deliciousness is best appreciated in a particular order. Nuggets followed by ice cream is awesome. Ice cream followed by nuggets is, while unorthodox, probably still tasty. Nuggets and ice cream all at the same time, however, is obviously just weird. This should go without saying. To one Irish ice cream entrepreneur, however, this combination is not a joke, but a challenge.

Earlier this month, dessert specialists XXI Ice unveiled what must rank as one of the strangest fast food mash-ups of all time, introducing customers to the world’s first chicken nugget ice cream. Unlike other whacky flavours, XXI Ice’s interpretation doesn’t just extract ingredients to deliver a similar taste profile. Instead, this treat involves smashing up actual pieces of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and sprinkling them throughout the frozen dairy. To call it bizarre would be the understatement of the decade.

Speaking to Insider after unveiling the new creation on social media, XXI Ice owner and dessert pioneer Tiernan O’Connor elaborated on the thought process that had led him to make something so unusual. “Why not turn everyone’s favorite treat [from] McDonald’s into an ice cream?” he began, before explaining, “We’ve seen and heard of people dipping their nuggets into a McFlurry so we decided (to) turn it into an ice cream itself.”

Though dunking a nugget into a dessert is indeed not unheard of, it’s hardly surprising that reaction to the new videos has been extremely mixed. One Twitter user unequivocally commented, “Oh hella noooo!” while another somewhat ironically suggested that the whole thing “needs barbecue sauce”. A third added that “…if we needed any more proof that the world is going to hell…here it is.”

However, it wasn’t all bad news for the frozen free thinkers at XXI Ice. Instagram user caferocksalt wrote, “That’s class, love the creativity guys!!” and Twitterer @InjuredHearts quite rightly pointed out that, “If people can put avocado on things then this isnt so bad (sic.)”. This diversity of opinion was apparently mirrored by O’Connor’s own team, as he later admitted that, “My team tasted it and got very mixed reactions. Some really liked it and some not very much!”

Incredibly, this is not the first time that the company have ventured into strange territory with their ice cream. Over the years, XXI Ice have turned everything from Tayto potato chips to Prosecco into dessert. Given their track record, God only knows what social media can expect from their kitchen in the future.