Specialty French fry bar has an entire menu dedicated to loaded French fries

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’ve all had times when the idea of a “proper” meal just doesn’t do it for us. When we need something reliably delicious, the rigmarole of starter, main and dessert can sound more like a chore than a pleasure. Sometimes, we all just want a side of satisfaction. 

Providing the perfect eating experience for anyone who just wants to go to town with a plate of potatoes, Fry Madness in LA is the ultimate tribute to the French fry. Unlike other fast food hotspots, this self-described “speciality French fry bar” is totally dedicated to doing as many exciting things with chips as possible. As you might image, the menu is pretty spectacular. 

On offer is an extensive range of decadently loaded, perfectly cooked potatoes, cleverly combining toppings to capture flavours from all over the world. Included are familiar fast food combinations like Buffalo Chicken Wing – with homemade “Wing Sauce” – and By The Slice pizza, featuring “Chili Infused Pesto Sauce”, “Derby Sage Cheese”, “Shaved Pepperoni”, and “Italian Sausage”. 

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For those looking to push the French fry flotilla out into slightly more exotic waters, options include Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, made with “House Cut” and sweet potato fries, grilled pineapple, House-Made BBQ Sauce and mozzarella cheese, and Gyros fries featuring “blistered cherry tomatoes”. Wherever you want to transport your tastebuds, there’s a French fry option for you. 

Even if you have more of a sweet tooth, Fry Madness has got you covered. Alongside the loaded savoury options, the bar even offers an extensive dessert fry menu, including Nutella and smores stacked sweet potato fries. 

The restaurant itself sits on Spring Street, right in the heart of the city, and is offering a takeaway service during the pandemic. It might not offer as varied a menu as many fast-food favourites, but if you have a hankering for hand-cut chips next time you’re in Los Angeles, there’s clearly only one place that should be on your list.