Starbucks have just released a range of reusable colour-changing cups

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

To celebrate the start of summer 2019, American mega-franchise Starbucks has unveiled a brand new range of super stylish reusable coffee cups. The product, which hit shelves earlier this month, has already kicked up a storm and social media, causing fans from around to take any steps necessary to ensure that they get their hands on a cup before it’s too late.

The new products were originally intended for a limited release in select stores across the United States and Canada, but their unexpected popularity could force the company into reconsidering their sales strategy. Currently available in packs of five 24-ounce multi-colour cups, the item has been “flying off the shelves” according to reports in newspapers, including The Daily Mail.

Unlike many other colour-changing designs, Starbucks new range transformed when the temperature gets colder, rather than hotter. The five different cups change from rose to coral red, citron to emerald, sky to cobalt, apricot to tangerine and arctic to raspberry respectively. According to instructions, users simply need to “add ice to conjure up a different colour.” The whole spectrum is conveniently mapped on a colour chart for those who manage to get their hands on original, official packaging.

Predictably, given the unique visual appeal of the products, social media has been sent into total meltdown. One slightly sensationalist Twitterer wrote, “Not to be dramatic, but if I can’t find a set of @Starbucks color changing cups, I might die.” They were not alone. Within hours of the cups hitting stores, the platform was full of hopeful and hyperbolic statuses, ranging from the self-effacing, “Some b*** es are really calling like 8 different starbucks to ask for the color changing cups. it’s me. i’m b****es (sic.),” to the apocalyptic, “Democracy may be ending but can someone figure out the true crisis of the summer? How do I order in the app and still use the cute color changing cups?”

Unsurprisingly, given the cups’ popularity coupled with their limited release, supply couldn’t keep up with demand. One fan even reported contacting their local outlet over the phone, only to be greeted by a barista warning, “Hello this is Starbucks on North Main we are out of the color changing cups how can I help you? (sic.)” Before long, cups were being advertised on eBay for over $100 – a far cry from their original $16.99 price tag. The Daily Mail report that several bids have already reached $75 on “several listings”.

Since there was no way of knowing just how popular their new cups would be, Starbucks have found themselves on the back foot. However, much to the relief of a still ravenous fanbase, the company have confirmed that there are more cups on the way, tweeting that they will be “restocking very limited quantities soon”. Though this is good news of sorts, the scrap over the “very limited qualities” promises to be ugly. Who knows what they could soon be selling for on eBay?