Starbucks is bringing back pumpkin spiced latte for its earliest launch date ever on August 27th

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Apart from your birthday and possibly Christmas, the day that Starbucks announce that the sticky sweet, heady aroma of pumpkin spice is finally returning to their menu is easily the most exciting time of the year. A summer-load of frapps and cold brews is all well and good, but everyone knows that the world’s biggest coffee chain only really comes into its own with the onset of Autumn. 

Ordinarily, pumpkin spice fans have to wait a good while before their favourite flavour reemerges. This can make what should be an enjoyable end of summer seem almost interminable to all but the most zen Starbucks customers. 2019, however, promises to be a completely different kettle of fish. 

Fortunately for spice-starved coffee enthusiasts, Starbucks have announced that they plan to bring back their signature seasonal special earlier than ever before, starting from August 27th. This date would represent a return at least a day earlier than ever before, proving that the end of August is nothing to feel sad about. 

Though the announcement has not yet been made official, several Starbucks baristas have taken to social media to confirm the release date. Business Insider have also asserted that they have been contacted by several employees who have corroborated the claim, suggesting that we can all pencil in August 27th in our diaries.  

Although the Starbucks version of pumpkin spice is certainly the most iconic, they aren’t the only chain intent on muscling in on the autumnal action. Delish report that, from August 14th, Dunkin’ will be bringing back their own version of the legendary latte for one day only, with a permanent return from August 24th. Even if you’re not a fan, it looks like pumpkin flavouring is going to be almost unavoidable in the next few weeks.