Starbucks is launching a black, vegan “Phantom Frappucino”

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Halloween is not just about horror movies and irritating children – it’s also an excuse for the biggest brands on the planet to go completely wild. Already this year, we’ve seen supermarkets spike pizzas with supercharged chillies and candy makers inject pumpkin into pretty much anything. Now, however, Starbucks may just have lept into the lead for most horrifying limited edition seasonal special with their latest coffee. 


New for 2019, the popular coffee franchise has unveiled perhaps its most unappetising beverage yet, in the form of a jet black “Phantom Frappucino”. Looking like bile spewed straight from Satan’s gall bladder, it is possible their most apt seasonal offering in years. 

Despite its charcoal colour, the Phantom Frapp itself is actually surprisingly fruity. Made from a mixture coconut milk, mango and pineapple, the flavours are perhaps more summery than autumnal. But, with a topping made from what the franchise is calling “ghoulish lime slime”, there’s no doubting that this is a bonafide Halloween drink.


In addition to the spirulina extract, charcoal, lime and lemon juice found in the slime, the drink is also made with a special topping of dark coconut cream made with a blend of whipped coconut milk and charcoal powder. According to a press release provided to Insider, “It is dark on the outside and tastes like a light and fruity extravaganza on the inside.” 

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Though the drink might sound ideal for any gothic caffeine addicts, there are a couple of catches for prospective customers. Not only is the drink only available in Europe, but it can also only be ordered for five days after the 26th of October. This limited window will certainly affect your chances of getting hold of one. 


However, for anyone eager to get their hands on the frappucino, there is an added incentive. Thanks to ingredients like spirulina and coconut cream, the entire drink is vegan, making it a tempting offer for plant-based coffee fans. It can also be customised to remove the whipped cream element, making it a relatively healthy choice. It might look horrifying, but there may be hidden benefits.