Subway server takes photo of vegetarian’s order after she asks for bizarre sandwich

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s a well known fact that strong vegetarian Subway sandwiches are, to say the least, thin on the ground. Unless you’re preference is for a cowpat-looking beany pattie, your only real option is cookies, crisps and bottomless Cokes. However, even though we can all sympathise with the lack of viable alternatives, one vegetarian’s recent Subway order was so bizarre that the internet has had no option other than to remorselessly take the piss.

20-year-old Londoner Anna James has made headlines after both she and her Subway server uploaded her depressing sandwich to the internet, causing consternation, ridicule and a small amount of sympathy. 

The confusion initially came about as Anna was something of a Subway newbie, and was therefore unfamiliar with the tradition of loading whatever sandwich you order with as many ingredients as possible, regardless of whether or not they belong together. Anna did not get this memo. Instead, she asked her server for a footlong cucumber and cheese sandwich. After staff insisted on helping her add something more appetising, she eventually relented. She asked for a few olives. That was it. 

So baffled were employees at what they had just been asked to prepare, that one of the requested Anna’s permission to take a picture of the order. Before long, Instagram user @djee_cumaa had uploaded the image, accompanied with the caption “Who orders a subway like this??”

Clearly perturbed by what was going on behind the counter, Anna uploaded a second photo herself, writing “First time in Subway and the worker took a picture of my order. Am I doing this wrong,” in a tweet that has now been made private. It was at this point that criticism really began to kick off. 

Credit: Instagram/djee_cumaa

According to reporting by The New York Post, baffled responses included. “That’s actually so wrong,” from @your_girl_sophie, “I’m hardcore judging you right now,” from @yvngpusll, and, “I hope he’s sending that to the FBI,” from @JamelnotJamal.

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However, despite the lack of sympathy from social media, Anna did find herself with an unlikely ally. After witnessing the assault on one of their valued customers, Subway themselves decided to wade into the debate, saying of the server’s original post, “looks like he’s just documenting a true masterpiece.” It just goes to show that, even if you get a torrent of abuse, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a sub.