Taco Bell are currently testing an epic new “Triplelupa”

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

After years of creatively trampling all over the thin line between Mexican and American food, Taco Bell have managed to come up with a whole menu of weird and wacky foods. While dishes like the “Crunchwrap Supreme” and “Mexican Pizza” wouldn’t be seen dead south of the border, the restaurant’s success proves that you don’t have to be traditional to be appealing. In fact, sometimes it can be actively helpful to be as irreverent as possible.

It looks like this line of thought has led the chain to create one of their most indulgent and unorthodox dishes yet. Building on the back of the restaurant’s infamous “chalupa” – a thick wheat-flour shell taco stuffed with beef, cheese and loosely inspired by a Mexican street food of the same name – Taco Bell have unveiled plans for an unprecedented, 11-inch onslaught against the world’s waistline. Looking like a strange, vaguely Latin American, lumpy baguette, the chain are proud to present the all-new “Triplelupa”.

First debuted in Orange County, California, last year, the Triplelupa has been made available in Minneapolis for a limited time only as part of further testing. Unlike a normal chalupa, the new creation features three separate wraps stuck end to end, giving it a look more like a caterpillar than food.

Part of what makes the Triplelupa so unique is its versatility. The taco train can either be eaten as a whole, super-sub-like meal, or split at the joints into individual snacks. According to the detailed diagrams provided by Taco Bell, the two tear-away hinges make the Triplelupa an ideal sharer for anyone who feels that their initial order may have been excessive.

Divisibility isn’t the only thing that makes the Triplelupa special. According to a press release from the franchise, the common chalupa’s standard seasoned beef, three-cheese blend, lettuce and tomatoes, will be augmented by not one, but two separate sauces – both nacho cheese and smoky chipotle – which will come together in a glorious mess in the middle shell. This blend of flavours offers yet another reason to get seriously excited about the new release.

Though the Triplelupa is currently only available in Minnesota, early reviews have been expectedly positive. Several prominent fast food blogs have been complimentary over the price point and sauce combination, while the rest of the internet just seems eager to see the Triplelupa go national as quickly as possible. It remains to be seen whether they will get their wish.

Of course, the Triplelupa is not the first, and won’t be the last time that a major fast food brand comes up with something that at first glance seems slightly disgusting, but actually becomes kind of awesome the more you think about it. For the time being, the fate of the human-centipede of tacos rests in the hands of Minneapolis. The rest of us can only watch and wait.