Taco Bell is launching tortilla-coated chicken tenders

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Taco Bell’s menu has always helped it stand out from the crowd. If it’s suspiciously cheap, sort-of Mexican snacking you’re after, look no further than the chain’s collection of crunchy tortillas and salty mince – it’s unbeatable. 

But, despite its many highlights, Taco Bell has always fallen short in one key fast-food area. Even though it has successfully turned almost every ingredient under the sun into something central American, their fried chicken has been found wanting. That, however, could be about to change. 

To the excitement of their fans around the world, Taco Bell has revealed plans to introduce a new range of chicken strips. Tentatively dubbed “crispy tortilla chicken tenders”, the new dish will feature pieces of chicken breast marinated in a slightly spicy jalapeno buttermilk before being coated in a crumb made out of deep-fried tortilla pieces. It’s fried chicken, but not as you know it. 

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According to a report from Insider, the chain claims to have tested over 100 different versions of the recipe before uncovering poultry perfection. Reports also indicate that customers will be able to order the tenders either in a $2 taco, or separate $3, $4, $5 or $7 boxes if they’re just after meat. 

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Obviously, Taco Bell fans will be eager to get their hands on the goods as soon as possible. Unfortunately, while the franchise is starting to test the recipe in Houston, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, on Thursday, it will not be available on national menus until next year. Everyone else will just have to be patient.

Taco Bell’s news caps off what’s been a memorable year for the fried chicken industry. After years where established brands have dominated, 2019 saw breakouts across the board, with headlines stolen by Popeyes infamous fried chicken sandwich. If the Taco Bell announcement is a sign of things to come, 2020 could be just as exciting.