Taco Bell is releasing a toasted cheddar chalupa this week

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In the delicious smorgasbord of Taco Bell’s “not-really-American-but-definitely-not-Mexican” menu there is one dish that’s done more than any other to simultaneously intrigue and repulse diners. Taco Bell’s chalupa totally ignores legacy of its Latin counterpart, offering a stodgy mass of dough stuffed with ingredients from across the chain’s diasporic kitchen. They have even, on occasion, replaced the doughy casing with chicken.

It might not be traditional, but Taco Bell’s attitude to chalupa’s has certainly produced some mouthwatering results. Now, however, the California-based franchise may well have created their overindulgent, anti-Mexican masterpiece. 

Starting from Thursday, September 12th, the famous pseudo-Tex-Mex specialists will be offering an all-new Toasted Cheddar Chaulpa at restaurants across America. Following in the footsteps of iconically weird options like the “Naked Chicken” and “Double Chalupas”, the new item comes with the usual assembly of customisable toppings, with the added bonus of a cheese-encrusted shell. Take my money now. 

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According to multiple reports, the Cheddar Chalupa will cost around $2.49, and can be stuffed with a mixture of lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, sour cream, seasoned beef, chicken, or steak. The shell itself is a thick, deep-fried tortilla, which is then covered in a sprinkling of 6-month aged cheddar and toasted to yield a cheesy, crunchy crust. 

Though the prospect of a cheese-coated chalupa is obviously exciting, it is not the only major change being made to the Taco Bell menu. The new item will make its debut at the same time as nine other options are permanently axed, including the Double Decker Taco, Chips & Salsa, and Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos. As heartbreaking as this news is, Taco Bell are clearly hoping a cheddary chalupa can soften the blow for fans everywhere.