Taco Bell is releasing seriously spicy “Reaper Ranch” tortilla chips made with actual reaper peppers

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Despite ostensibly being a sort-of-Mexican restaurant, Taco Bell can be surprisingly reticent when it comes to the spice rack. Unlike an actual taco, the bite-sized mouthfuls of mushy beef that get churned out of the company’s thousands of kitchens of a daily basis taste more like warm cement than fiery chilli. However, though the food is sometimes dismissed as bland, there are signs that Taco Bell are prepared to push the spicy boat out. 

After unleashing the volcanic Reaper Ranch fries and burrito earlier this year, the famous chain has decided to up the ante once again by releasing some of the spiciest-sounding tortilla chips to ever hit the supermarket. Together alongside their other iconic chip flavours like “Classic”, “Fire” and “Diablo”, Taco Bell are now providing the public with Reaper Ranch tortilla chips, made with real Carolina reaper chillies. Chip shopping just got spicy. 

In a press release accompanying the announcement, Jennifer Arnoldt, Taco Bell’s Senior Director of Retail Engagement and Experience, said:

“We’ve seen our fans incorporate chips into entrees, sprinkled on salads and, of course,  enjoyed as the best grab-and-go snack. No one expected us to come out with a flavor hotter than Diablo, and we’re excited to show our fans that we’re constantly innovating when it comes to giving them access to the Taco Bell flavors they know and love in unique and unexpected new ways.”

Given that there are hundreds of chips that promise to pack a punch, yet fail to deliver, you could be forgiven for not taking the Reaper chips seriously. However, Taco Bell themselves had urged caution for the foolhardy. As the company themselves explained:

“The Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips may look like traditional chips but, be warned, they are packed with more heat than meets the eye. With spice hidden in every bite, fans will experience a cool blast of ranch before the Carolina Reaper pepper heat takes over. Snackers will be excited to find a flavor that sets their taste buds ablaze in the most delightful way in the new Taco Bell Reaper Ranch Tortilla Chips.” 

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The chips hit shelves at Walmart, 7-Eleven and other major retailers on Tuesday, meaning that it should be relatively easy to get your hands on them. Whether or not that’s a good idea remains to be seen.