Target is now selling Haunted House cookie kits for Halloween

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Summer is over. The nights are drawing in. The real life horror story of Brexit is looming large on the horizon. And, judging by the plethora of posts about pumpkin spiced lattes and The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween is almost here. But, alongside the usual collection of tooth-rotting treats, 2019 is promising a few extra special edible twists on spooky season. 

Thanks to Target’s punnily named “Hyde and Eek! Boutique”, Halloween can now be more terrifying than ever, with the addition of haunted house cookie kits to the store’s seasonal lineup. Available in two different varieties, including “haunted mansion” and “moonlit cottage”, the kits come complete with everything you need to make Halloween appropriate edible architecture in your own home. 

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In addition to tubes of colourful, orange, green and black icing, each kit provides pre-baked cookies, making it incredibly easy to construct and customise your design. The packs also come with an illustration for suggested assembly, making it difficult to get too confused as you build. 

Even though they’re the most eye-catching, the haunted house cookie things aren’t the only items coming out of the Hyde and Eek! Boutique this Halloween. Delish reports that Target are also offering Spooky Graveyards, with eight separate pre-baked chocolate cookies, and Calavera cookies in the shape of skulls. Each set also comes with their own array of decoration, meaning that there’s been no better time to get creative. 

Though cookie houses might be more traditionally associated with Christmas, there’s no reason why Halloween shouldn’t be just as artsy. The kits are currently retailing for $9.99, with the exception of the Calavera collection, which is a snip at $6.99. Summer might be over, but there’s always a decorative silver lining!