Tesco is offering huge discounts on Irish drinks to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

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Since the last 12 months have been among the most miserable on record, we could all use a St Patrick’s Day to remember. Fortunately, one British supermarket is doing all it can to make that happen.

In news that will excite celebrants up and down the country, Tesco is offering its customers incredible discounts on Irish drinks ahead of the big day. We might not be able to party as we’d like, but we can still make St Patrick’s Day 2021 a blast.

St Patrick's Day Tesco has a number of St Patrick’s Day offer (Credit: Alamy/Robert Convery)

Tesco St Patrick’s Day discount

The offers available at the retailer include huge discounts on popular drinks. This week, cans of Guinness draught, Rockshore Lager and Hop House Lager, are all available on the cheap.

For instance, all Guinness multipacks are reduced from £11 to just £9, while individual cans also have a £2 discount. In addition, fans can also get hold of four bottles of Magners cider for just £5.

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There are also other, slightly more premium options on the table for the discerning drinker. For instance, bottles of Jameson Irish Whisky are now £5.50 cheaper, retailing for £17 down from £22.50.

St Patrick’s Day 2021 may be a pretty strange experience, but there are still plenty of ways we can celebrate.

St Patrick's Day St Patrick’s Day 2021 will be a little different (Credit: Alamy/Mauritius Images)

Other offers at Tesco

It’s not just alcohol that’s been slashed in price before St Patrick’s Day. To help make the celebration as authentically Irish as possible, Tesco is also offering discounts on several popular food items.

For instance, Rankin Irish Soda Bread is currently on offer for just £1.35 per loaf. If you want to complete your Irish breakfast experience, Thompson’s Irish Breakfast Tea is down nearly 50% at £1.50 per pack.

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The supermarket is also offering cheap and cheerful Irish stew cans, as well as discounts on cabbages and bacon packs

In order to benefit from these incredible Irish offers, there are a few loopholes. Customers must be a registered Tesco Clubcard user.

Registration is free and will allow you to peruse all the store’s available discounts at your leisure.

Even if you weren’t excited about St Patrick’s Day before, there’s now no excuse not to get in the spirit of things.