The original Predator movie has now got its own whiskey

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Despite a trail of dodgy sequels, comics and crossovers, 1987’s original “Predator” movie is undeniably awesome. There aren’t many sights that better sum up the glorious heights of 80s action than a muddy, sweaty Schwarzenegger trying to fight off a 9-ft tall, dreadlocked lizardman. For anyone who has been left disappointed by decades of dubious follow-ups, the announcement of a new addition to the Predator canon is understandably nowhere near as exciting as it once might have been. Until now. Get to the chopper and head to your nearest liquor store. Just in time to frustrate anyone hoping to make it through “Dry January”, everyone’s favourite 80s, alien, Arnold-heavy romp has decided to bring out their own whiskey.

Part of a new collaboration between Fox Studios and the Silver Screen Bottling Company, “Dutch Bourbon Whiskey” is the series’ first foray into alcohol. Inspired by the titular antagonist’s muscular nemesis, the new drink was released to celebrate the release of Shane Black’s 2018 follow-up, and features several prominent nods to the film’s iconic predecessor.

As part of an official press release to promote the drink, Silver Screen Bottling confirmed that the name is indeed “a nod to the film’s main character, Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer.” In addition, the bottle is embossed with a label mocked up to resemble the badge of an elite special forces team, complete with The Predator’s signature red targeting triangle and transport helicopter. The iconic Predator helmet design is also displayed on the neck of the bottle. But, for true fans of the first film, the crown jewel is undoubtedly the large “Get to the chopper” written front and centre.

The branding might be significantly less subtle than an invisible alien hunter, but Silver Screen Bottling claim there’s a lot more going on under the surface. According to a confident, Predator-reference-heavy press release on, the first taste is like “a little taste of home… Filling a glass, the aroma digs in like an Alabama tick. Knock, knock…this is quality. You take a sip, and the smooth taste takes you away on a chopper of blended flavors. Like a rescue team, not assassins.” Bold claims for a bottle with a big helicopter on the front.

In terms of taste, it’s clear that the distillery have opted for firepower over nuance. The site go on to claim that Dutch Whiskey is “fit for a man on a mission with a bold taste for adventure who “ain’t got time to bleed”. This whiskey will do more than cover you with mud, it will take you to a new level with its full-bodied flavor and hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamot.” This is clearly not designed for drinkers who could be accused of pushing too many pencils.

Despite the rhetoric on the website, it remains to be seen whether the whisky can actually match up to the hype. For one thing, Food & Wine report that the original press release and website statement actually had “bergamot” misspelled in both instances, suggesting that the drink may not have been as expertly prepared as implied. The only way find out is to shell out $34.99 for a bottle. Let us know whether you end up feeling like you’ve just fallen over a waterfall, or it turns you into a “Goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus”.