The Twisted Store Is Now Open

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Say goodbye to tedious tea times and dreary dinners – the Twisted Store is open for business!

Finding yourself bored to tears by dull cookware? Craving a splash of colour in your monochrome kitchen, but still slicing on the same bland chopping board? Has your trusty baking dish finally given up the ghost after one too many overcooked lasagnas? Don’t resign yourself to another year of terrible tea towels and substandard wooden spoons – it’s high time your cupboards got the orange makeover they’ve been so desperately seeking. 

Ideal for anyone with an appetite for the unserious, our new range is guaranteed to brighten any kitchen and bring a smile to anyone who cooks with it. Featuring cookery staples no chef should be without, this is our way of bringing Twisted home. There’s never been a better way to give your food an injection of the outrageous. 

Including our signature stylish “Jazzy Grip Wooden Spoon” (£8.99), unmistakably orange “Not Another Tea Towel” (£6.99), sturdy yet sexy “Get To The Chopper Chopping Board” (£14.99), and reassuringly cool “Twisted Mitts Oven Gloves” (£9.99), this collection is just the first batch of what will become a full range of Twisted products. With a whole lot more in the pipeline, you can look forward to stocking your entire kitchen with seriously snazzy Twisted swag. 

As well as the above, the Twisted Store will soon be stocking the stunning “Superb Bowl”, magnificent “Mates Plates” and brilliant “Bake It ‘Til You Make It Baking Dish”. You’ll never need to go anywhere else for your kitchen essentials. Head over to the Twisted Store today to stock up and get cooking.