The world’s first glacier bar is opening in Iceland

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Thanks to sexy American TV dramas starring John Hamm and his jaw, we now have a firmly entrenched belief that bars are cool. While Old Fashioneds and endless smoking certainly give a joint a certain je ne sais quoi, they are as nothing compared to what is quite literally the coolest speakeasy on the planet. 

Courtesy of Icelandic spirits company Reyka, drinkers now have the chance to “Fire up your inner Nordic Explorer” and visit a bar that’s on top of an actual glacier. The all new “Reyka Bar” will open its doors on Langjökull, Iceland’s second largest glacier, and will serve vodka that’s about as ice-cold as it’s possible to imagine.

While the remote location might seem like an impediment to success, the company have been keen to stress that it makes perfect sense. According to a report by The Drinks Business, Fabiano Latham, Reyka Vodka brand ambassador, said of the opening: 

“We’re puffin-chuffed to bring the charmingly offbeat spirit of Reyka Vodka to the world with this one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drink our vodka in the world’s first bar on a glacier. Reyka Vodka is not just made in Iceland, it’s made of Iceland- so where better to host our Reyka Bar than at the very source- Langjökull Glacier.”

Although the company have provided coordinates for anyone intrepid enough to try and make it to Reyka Bar on their own (64.565653°N-20.024822°W, if you’re interested), those wishing to get an officially sanctioned experience will have to apply in order to win a trip. The bar will only be open for a few days between 16th and 20th of October, so chances to go will be limited. However, given the location, there’s unlikely to be another drink like it.