There is a company that only sells fried chicken skin

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

As anyone who’s ever eaten a chicken knows, the rest of the experience pales in comparison to the skin. Thigh, breast and wing are all just means for getting something salty and crispy into your face. It’s difficult to grasp how an ingredient that sounds so unappetising on paper can end up being so delicious, yet here we are. In the pantheon of deceptive foods, skin is like the opposite of Rocky Mountain Oysters. If you don’t know, Google it.

For fried chicken fans who spend more time peeling their pieces than actually eating, the deliciousness of chicken skin can be equal parts enticing and frustrating. For years, diners have yearned for a way to cut out the middleman and skip straight to the good stuff. Thankfully, a company in America has decided to do just that.

Chick N’ Skin, as the name implies, are all about crunchy edible dermatology. Self-described as “the first in the United States” to specialise in selling tasty epidermis, the company have carved out a niche with a product that is both delicious and ethical. According to their website, “The mission of Chick N’ Skin is to put chicken on the map and serve the best part every time. But our goals are more than skin deep; our vision is to be a leader in reducing the impact on our environment. We have created a resourceful way to utilize the entire animal, thereby minimizing waste.” Few foods can claim to be so noble and yummy.

Founded in 2017, Chick N’ Skin serve a number of different varieties, converting their product into a wealth of fatty, flavourful potato chip-style snacks. The company currently retail six separate chicken skins, ranging from “Original” – which is likened to a “rotisserie chicken” on the company website, to “BBQ Bacon”, to “Chinese Salt & Pepper”. There’s “Salt & Vinegar” for those who enjoy an acidic tang, and fiery “Tom Yum” for extra heat. The most popular appears to be “Buffalo Wing”, which is currently sold out on the website.

In addition to the environmental considerations of using otherwise discarded animal parts, Chick N’ Skin also claim that their product is healthier than your average street snack. According to the “About Us” section of their site, the company state that, “Our products are created to be a unique type of healthier snack idea for those who are tired of the same old boring chips and carb heavy foods. Our foods only have 1 carb per serving, making them the perfect food for those who are following a low carb diet, who are diabetic, or on other restrictive diets due to health conditions.” Here’s hoping that their chicken skin snacking catches on sooner rather than later.