There’s a food festival this weekend dedicated entirely to black food

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There normally aren’t many options for diners who want their dinner to put the “fun” into “funereal”. For anyone who appreciates that life is really just a continuous, gloomy parade, eating out has a habit of being a little too gregarious and uplifting. It’s hard to feel goth when your plate looks like an edible Jackson Pollack. Fortunately, emo foodies everywhere can now get moderately less apathetic about mealtimes, all thanks to a very special food festival.

The aptly named “Black Food Festival” is a far cry from the brightly coloured alternatives that adorn the British culinary calendar. Instead of offering an array of vibrant, eye-catching dishes, packed onto kaleidoscopic stalls all competing for attention, this festival has a strict colour scheme. All the food, from burger buns to ice cream cones, is pitch black. 

Hosted in London’s Bethnal Green, the event is scheduled to take place this Sunday. Among the dishes up for sale are “Black Pasta”, “Black Vegan Sushi”, “Black Tacos” and “Black Hot Dogs”, as well as clothing and accessories to help you channel your inner Addams Family member. Tickets cost £12 for entry, and there will be on site music provided by the sinister sounding DJ Infraghandi. 

Come over to the dark side with our Black Forest Espresso Martini recipe:

This is not the first time the black food festival has been unleashed on the public. The event was originally established in Budapest, and this year marks the first time that it has been hosted in the UK. According to the information provided on the website:

“The Black Food Festival was born out of curiosity for international cuisines and the experimental nature of culinary minds across the globe. To pay homage to those who prefer to take the road less traveled: the risk takers, the innovators, the trailblazers, there will be a panel of gastronomy professionals on the look out for the most creative and finest products.”

Given the array of unusual dishes on display, it certainly looks like this year’s event is set to make a splash.