There’s now a beer made specifically for dogs that comes in 4 different flavours

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

In most households, hair of the dog is just a harmless metaphor. The idea of combining alcohol with something that woofs is, to most pet owners, a recipe for disaster. However, it turns out that getting on the sesh no longer has to be a strictly human activity. Finally, man and his best friend can enjoy a night on the town in each other’s company. 

American-based brewing company Good Boy Dog Beer has finally found a way around the age-old problem of entertaining your pooch in the pub. Established in East Texas, the business makes and sells, as the name implies, beer specifically designed to be drunk by dogs. Using “all the same equipment as a brewery,” the company has created a niche that promises to make nights out a whole lot more exciting.

The brainchild of dog-lovers Megan and Steve Long, Good Boy Dog Beer was inspired by the couple’s “love for our own puppies and all the animals out there.” Writing on the company website, Megan explained that their “oldest Rottweiler, Rocky, is very sensitive to foods and allergies so we started creating him his own treats and managing his diet better. It helped his allergy outbreaks significantly and we just seemed to progress from there eventually starting our own line of beer for dogs.”

The concept of a home-brewed dog beer naturally poses more questions than answers. However, the surprisingly detailed FAQs section of the brand’s website reveals that not only is it safe for humans to drink the final product, though “you may find it bland”, but it is also non-alcoholic, since “Alcohol and hops in beer is toxic for dogs.” The company also recommend serving “it in a dog bowl as a treat or over their food,” though they stress that it is “not a meal replacement”.

In order to add variety, the Good Boy Dog cans come in four distinct flavours, dubbed “IPA Lot In The Yard”; “Mailman Malt Licker”; “Session Squirrel”; and “Crotch Sniffin’ Ale”. The different drinks are flavoured with pork, chicken, vegetables, and peanuts respectively. Some naysayers might question the necessity of brewing beer for pets. We say, the sooner we can get dogs in pubs the better.