These are the 7 most delicious Christmas dishes from around the world

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Christmas is a celebration of many things. Presents, sacred babies, and managing awkward relationships with racist family members are all part and parcel of the holiday season. But perhaps most importantly, Christmas is a time to stuff yourself with ungodly amounts of tasty food.

Every country that celebrates this festival has come up with something delicious for their December menu. However, for our money, there are a few dishes that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are the seven most delicious Christmas dishes from around the world.

Christmas food Credit: Pixabay/Pamjpat

1. Britain – Christmas Pudding

It might look like someone left a sponge football sitting in a puddle for several days, but the bizarre British Christmas pudding is absolutely delicious. A mixture of alcohol-soaked dried fruits and nuts, Christmas puddings make for a show-stopping centrepiece – especially when covered in brandy and set on fire.

2. Canada – Tourtiere

As with many truly tasty foods, Canadian tourtiere is all about meat. Originally from Quebec, this pie is typically filled with a mix of onions, potatoes and spiced mincemeat. Depending on where you come from, the filling could feature anything from pork to seafood, meaning a tourtiere can be as varied as it is delicious.

3. Greece – Roast Pig

While many of us might think that turkey is the go-to meat on the Christmas menu, in many countries it is pork that takes centre stage. Nowhere takes this approach more seriously than Greece, where chefs on the island of Crete have been slaughtering and preparing whole roast pigs for hundreds of years as part of an epic Christmas feast.

4. Italy – Panettone

Fruitcake often gets unfairly maligned at this time of year. For anyone who claims to not like the dried fruit dessert, we recommend that you try panettone before completely giving up on it. Originating from Milan, this sweet bread loaf can come stuffed with everything from raisins to chocolate and everything in between.

5. Japan – KFC

Not all of the tastiest Christmas traditions involve great home cooking. First started over 40 years ago by hungry expats desperately hunting for some turkey in Tokyo, it is now a popular tradition for families in Japan to indulge in a KFC dinner on December 24th. It might be fast food, but it’s still totally delicious.

6. Scandinavia – Kransekake

Eaten in both Denmark and Norway, kransekake has been a staple on Christmas dinner tables for centuries. Literally translated as “wreath cake”, the kransekake is a multi-tiered almond cake, designed to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. Carefully coated with icing sugar, this dessert is as impressive to look at as it is difficult to make.

7. Ukraine – Pompushky

Donuts are always awesome at any time of year, but when eaten as part of a traditional Ukrainian Christmas they become absolutely incredible. Pompushky can come with a range of sweet or savoury fillings, but are more often served stuffed with a combination of prune or apricot. So popular are they as a dish that they were recently used to break the world record for the largest donut sculpture ever made.

It’s natural to think that your Christmas traditions are hands down the tastiest. But, as this list proves, if you’re prepared to think outside the box, you can find some seriously delicious alternatives.