These are the 8 best foods to eat if you’re feeling sick

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Feeling poorly sucks. Whether you have a serious case of the sniffles or a rumbly tummy, when you’re sat on the sofa looking increasingly sorry for yourself it can feel like the end of the world. Fortunately, food can help.

No matter how fragile you might be, certain ingredients can have an incredible restorative effect. After a meal featuring one or more of these and you’ll be leaping out of bed in no time at all. Say goodbye to sick days – these are the eight best foods to eat if you’re feeling sick.

1. Chicken Soup

It might be a cliche, but there is a reason why so many people swear by a bowl of chicken soup as the ultimate cure-all. Rich in protein, electrolytes and other essential nutrients, chicken soup boths rehydrate and reinvigorates, making it a must have for anyone feeling under the weather.

Chicken noodle soup Credit: Pixabay/kalhh

2. Garlic

Even if you’re afraid of bad breath, there’s no getting away from the fact that garlic is awesome. Studies have shown that the bulb exhibits a variety of antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral attributes, making it perfect for fighting off nasties. What’s more, there is also evidence to suggest that people who eat garlic take far fewer sick days than their clove-clear counterparts.

garlic bulbs Credit: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

3. Honey

Famous for its health benefits, honey has been used as a medicinal ingredient for millennia. Rich in antimicrobial compounds, honey has historically been employed as a dressing for wounds as well as food – highlighting just how highly ancient people used to rate it. Today, it is more commonly used to soothe sore throats and other infections.

honey in a pot Credit: Pixabay/fancycrave1

4. Coconut Water

It might be the beverage of choice for hipsters everywhere, but there are actually several good reasons for stocking up on coconut water. Not only is it an effective way to remain hydrated, but the drink is also rich in essential electrolytes. It has also found to be gentler on the stomach than other, electrolyte-heavy drinks.

coconuts with a straw Credit: Pixabay/Gadini

5. Bananas

Nutrient-heavy fruit and veg are all good for keeping the body healthy, but the banana has got to be one of the best. Rich in soluble fibre and potassium, bananas bland flavour and gentle texture also makes them ideal for soothing an upset stomach.

bananas Credit: pixabay/stevepb

6. Ginger

Antioxidant, antimicrobial and even anti-cancer, ginger is the root that keeps on giving. Most commonly used for its nausea-neutralising effects, ginger can be added to a variety of both foods and drinks, with equally positive effects.

ginger root Credit: Pixabay/congerdesign

7. Yoghurt

Cool, smooth and delicious, yoghurt is great even if you don’t feel ill. Filled with protein and calcium, yoghurt is ideal for easing stomach aches and nursing you back to full health. There is also evidence to suggest that regularly eating yoghurt can even help stave off colds and flu altogether.

yoghurt in a bowl Credit: Pixabay/tookapic

8. Oats

Living with a runny tummy is no fun for anyone. If you feel extra ill, eating could well be the last thing that you feel like doing. This is where oats come in. Like bananas, their bland flavour makes them easy to stomach, making it much more straightforward to give your body the calories that it needs to nurse itself back to full health. Studies on rodents have also suggested that oats may even be able to reduce inflammation and irritation in the gut.

oats in a cup Credit: Pixabay/haajik

Making the right dietary decisions when you’re suffering can make the difference between a speedy recovery and several more days in bed. Stick with the food on this list, and you will give yourself the best possible chance of returning to top form ASAP.