These are the most bizarre chocolate flavours that anyone has ever made

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Chocolate is one of those foods that’s incredibly hard to ruin. The dazzling number of odd dishes that eccentric chefs have tried to “improve” with the addition of something dark and sweet are living proof that making chocolate unappetising is extremely difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. It turns out that even something this tasty has a limit to how far it can be pushed. After searching far and wide, we can now reveal the weirdest flavours of chocolate that people have ever tried to sell.

1. Tobacco

You have to be seriously addicted to nicotine if you feel the need to finish a meal by skipping on the smoking and just eating a cigarette. As anyone who’s tried to chew a pack of Marlboro’s will agree, the taste is pretty dire. This hasn’t stopped master chocolatier Dominique Persoone from creating an array of 60 tobacco flavoured truffles, apparently renowned for their unsurprisingly smoky flavour.

2. Wasabi

Chilli and chocolate might have become a household favourite for anyone who likes to walk on the wild side with their pudding, but there are some spice combos that just seem weird. When dabbed on a bit of raw fish, wasabi feels like a brilliant idea. Introducing it to a bar of dark chocolate feels like a disaster waiting to happen. They may have made some amazing flavours over the years, but Lindt may have dropped the ball with this one.

3. Mushroom

Awesome in risottos and pasta, the earthy savouriness of a mushroom is a great way to give a main course much needed body. Putting funghi in desserts, however, tends to justifiably raise a few eyebrows. Featuring all organic ingredients, Spanish brand Hifas da Terra have created a chocolate bar featuring three different types of foraged mushroom for a food that works as a starter or a sweet.

4. Sriracha

In recent years, Thailand’s signature spicy chilli and garlic sauce has had something of a popularity boom, ending up in everything from burgers to pizzas. Though doubtless delicious, the explosion of spice, garlic and chocolate delivered by this bar is likely to cause a headache in more ways that one.

5. Sake

As hard shakes have been proving for decades, booze and chocolate can be a match made in heaven. That being said, not every spirit is a perfect fit. Take Japanese rice wine. Traditionally served hot in ceramic cups, it’s impossible for all but the most imaginative foodie to get their head around this particular combo.

6. Ramen

As a rule, noodles and bone both tend to be best left in their usual liquid form, and it doesn’t look like this chocolatey creation is going to be breaking it any time soon. Produced by Komfort Chockolates, this combination of noodles, garlic, soy and cocoa is almost certainly guaranteed to be an acquired taste.

7. Wood

Though all odd, the rest of this list can at least claim to be made up of things that are edible. Not so our last entry. The mad scientists from Austrian chocolatiers Zotter have taken a love of barbecue to the extreme, deciding to flavour their bars with firewood. Featuring silver fir and pine wood, it’s clear that these cooks have been barking up the wrong tree for some time.

For anyone looking for a food to cheer them up after a hard day, chocolate is usually a pretty safe bet. But, as these bars prove, you can never be certain of anything in the food industry. All the more reason to be extra careful with what you buy.