These are the weirdest sausage recipes from around the world

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There’s a good reason people say that you’re better off not knowing what’s gone into a sausage.

Though these yummy tubes of meaty deliciousness can be truly tasty in the right hands, the wealth of odd ingredients and unpalatable flavour combinations means that you can rarely relax around a sausage. While most varieties may feature an array of nasty sounding bits and bobs, there are some sausages so unusual that they are reserved only for the truly daring.

These acquired tastes can be found all over the world and come in all shapes and sizes. Despite their differences, all are undeniably odd.

1. Andouillette de Troyes

The French city of Lyon is renowned as a centre for gastronomic experimentation. While this approach has produced some universally beloved results, the infamous Andouillette de Troyes sausage is not one of them. Featuring folded rolls of pig intestine stuffed inside a pig colon, this powerfully odorous mish-mash is certainly an acquired taste.

2. Hog’s Pudding

With a name seemingly chosen specifically to befuddle hapless American diners, this classic Cornish sausage is about as far removed from a dessert as you can get. Pig fat is blended with suet, oats and barley, before being liberally seasoned with garlic and cumin. Tricky to make and harder to cook, this is not a dish for the diet conscious.

3. Blodpose

Though they may all contain meat, surprisingly, sausages do not have to be savoury. The unusual Danish Blodpose is a sweet dessert, prepared with an unexpected twist. Sugar, milk, raisins and cardamom are mixed with liberal splashings of pig’s blood, before the mix is bound together with suet in a long, dark red sausage shape.

4. Sai Krok Isan

A typical example of how tasty ingredients can end up sounding fairly horrible if prepared in an odd way, this traditional Thai sausage is a staple street food across the country. Pork, sticky rice, chillies and spices are mixed with fish sauce, before being left to ferment for several days to give the dish its distinctive sour taste.

5. Sundae

Despite sounding like an ice cream, this Korean specialty would be the last thing many people would want to cool off with on a summer’s day. A steamed pork blood sausage, what makes this delicacy doubly unusual is the addition of noodles to bulk out the otherwise squidgy tube.

6. Haggis

Perhaps the most infamous of all stuffed animal dishes, haggis is a classic example of a meal that’s greater than the sum of its parts. For a food that features oats, sheep bits and barley, all packed into and boiled inside a swollen sheep’s stomach, haggis is an unexpectedly delicious member of the sausage family.

7. Wollwurst

The undisputed kings of sausage making, Germany is a country that can boast over 1500 different varieties. However, away from favourites like bratwurst lie several more obscure and intimidating creations. Wollwurst is one such example. Instead of using a traditional intestinal casing, wollwurst features pig mince mixture piped straight into boiling water and left for 10 minutes. This gives the sausage a uniquely “woolly” texture, from which it gets its name.

Despite their dubious contents, sausages are and always will be absolutely delicious. No breakfast is truly complete without something long, thin, fried and full of pig. However, as this list proves, they are more than capable of holding several unexpected surprises. Next time you’re on the hunt for a new food experience, look no further than the humble sausage.