These are the world’s 7 weirdest and most hideous sandwiches

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You can’t have any serious conversation about good food without talking about sandwiches. Stuffing things between two slices of bread has given us some of the tastiest dishes of all time – from the humble hamburger to the all-conquering chip butty. However, for every awesome flavour combination, there’s a host of odd pairings that seem to have somehow survived in total defiance of good taste. To help shed some light on why we keep eating them, we’ve taken a closer look at seven of the weirdest sandwiches on earth.

sandwiches Credit: YouGov

1. The Candwich

It seems that food development took a backstep from the moment we decided to put it inside a can. Though abominations such as spam and tinned pies have all left their horrible mark on the annals of food history, there can be little doubt that there are few food ideas as terrible as the canned sandwich. This infamous creation comes in peanut butter and jelly flavour and has a one year shelf life. To anyone who knows anything about bread, this is more than enough information to put you off.

canned sandwich Credit: The Geek Alert

2. Fried Brain

For most weird sandwiches, it’s the combination of unusual flavours that sets them apart. However, for this mid-Western specialty, there’s only one ingredient that stands out. The fried brain sandwich features thin slices of cow organ, served between two fluffy halves of soft white sandwich roll. Though there’s nothing wrong with offal, it was recently declared that cow brain may be unsafe to eat thanks to mad cow disease. Maybe it’s best to stick with ham and cheese.

brain sandwich Credit: LouisvilleHotBytes

3. Fruit and Mayo

Why anyone would ever think that fruit and mayonnaise makes for a good filling is a mystery. Yet, there are thousands of fans of this particular snack scattered across the world. Recently, 3,500 people responded to a survey in GQ magazine to defend the honour of banana and mayo, while others swear that pineapple and aioli are a match made in heaven. We’ll take their word for it.  

banana and mayo Credit: The Roanoke Times

4. Strawberries and Cream

Britain has a proud tradition of strange patriotic food. Whenever there’s a national event of any importance, we insist on creating an oddly themed sandwich to celebrate it. A few years ago, Tesco decided it would be a good idea to commemorate the Wimbledon Tennis Championships with this signature strawberries and cream horror show. A double fault in every sense.

strawberries and cream sandwich Credit: Pinterest

5. The Kuro Ninja Burger

As long as you like your meat well done, black beef is just about acceptable in a burger. A black bun is a weird addition, but could be ok if you like burnt toast. Black cheese is a step too far for everyone. For some reason, Burger King decided to unleash this soot-coloured combination in its entirety in the form of the kuro ninja burger. Made with squid ink and burnt bamboo, the end result was a sandwich that looked like it had been dug up at Pompeii.

Black burger Credit: Telegraph

6. Peanut Butter and Pickle

For whatever reason, the world seems to have grown far too familiar with pickles over the last few years. Though drinking raw pickle juice will always remain at the pinnacle of horrible things to do with this bar snack, the peanut butter and pickle sandwich comes a close second. Fans claim that the pairing is the perfect combination of salt and sweet. They’re either lying, or anyone who tries this monstrosity immediately loses all understanding of taste.

peanut butter and pickle Credit: wikiHow

7. Toast sandwiches

The great thing about working with bread is that the filling possibilities are absolutely endless. However you feel about fruit and mayo or peanut butter or pickle, at least the creators tried to think outside the box. In our opinion, this is what makes Victorian toast sandwiches the stupidest idea of all time. If anyone can tell us what the point of filling a sandwich with more bread might be, we’d love to know.

victorian toast sandwich Credit: Lovefood

Wherever there is bread, you will always find a local genius who has created something delicious. But, despite our global sandwich expertise, this does not mean that we don’t have a lot to learn. As these seven prove, we are still more than capable of some incredibly silly ideas.