This Christmas you can build an Oreo cookie house

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If you’re struggling to find something to do in order to avoid the abject horror of actually talking to your family this Christmas, leading milk cookie-makers Oreo have an ace up their sleeve. Instead of sparking unending arguments over Monopoly or Charades, celebrants can now gather their loved ones close for a spot of biscuit based architecture. Say goodbye to Uncle Freddie’s inevitable tantrum over no one getting his abstract “clue” for “The Shawshank Redemption”. Christmas is saved!

The new activity comes in the form of a preprepared Oreo house template, complete with big slabs of biscuit for roof and walls, as well as smaller Oreos for added decoration. A twist on the traditional gingerbread house, it might help miniature model building appeal to those who have previously been put off by gingerbread’s tooth-cracking potential.

The product’s official description on states:

“Get the family together this winter for some afternoon fun! This kit includes everything you need to build and decorate your very own OREO holiday chocolate cookie house. It comes with pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces, pre-made icing, OREO Cookies, OREO Mini Cookies, fruity gummies and candy jewels. Just open the box and start building!”

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Of course, for anyone eager to get their Oreo fix over the coming months, there are other non-engineering based options. For instance, Bustle reports that a new line of Oreo flavoured iced coffee and caramel macchiatos are set to hit stores in early 2020, so there will be plenty of opportunities for drinking as well as building.

For those who can’t contain their excitement until then, the Christmas cookie houses are currently retailing for $10 on the site, although at the time of writing they are listed as sold out. Regardless, it certainly seems worth keeping an eye out for the kits as the holiday season approaches.