This is what hospital food looks like around the world

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There aren’t many reasons to look forward to a hospital visit. Unless having someone in surgical gear rummage around inside you for a few hours is your idea of a good time, most people tend to view a ward with a sense of dread. Depending on where you’ve ended up or the length of your stay, you might expect a few free perks. If your extra lucky, one of these could be the food.

Hospital cooking has had a mixed reputation over the years. For many people, plates of slowly greying slop have been the norm for as long as they can remember, and are often more off putting than the operation itself. As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be this way. All around the world, some hospitals are busy cooking up a storm as they nurse their patients back to health. If you happen to have an accident here, you can guarantee you won’t go hungry.

1. China

The whole world loves Chinese cooking, so it makes sense that their hospitals would be more delicious than average. This meal features fried chicken strips, egg noodles, stir fried veggies and a tea smoked egg – all items that wouldn’t look out of place in a high end restaurant.

2. Mexico

Cheap and cheerful, this typical Mexican hospital breakfast is guaranteed to have you leaping out of bed, whatever your ailment. Featuring an omelette paired with pepper salsa, alongside freshly chopped papaya, this meal ticks pretty much every box.

Omelette on a plate Credit: Sunbelt Staffing

3. Japanese

There are many who think that Japanese dining is at the pinnacle of world food, and on this evidence it’s tough to argue otherwise. A range of dishes including meat, fish, soba noodles and tempura are all presented as part of a massive hospital bento box. With service like this, it’s hard to see why you’d want to leave.

Hospital food Japan Credit: Imgur

4. USA

Food in the average American hospital can vary vastly from state to state. This typical meal from Wisconsin features chicken pot pie, alongside broccoli, a mug of hot black coffee and a chocolate chip cookie for a few extra crumbs of comfort.

Hospital food in America Credit: Sunbelt Staffing

5. Malaysia

It’s not just the food that makes this Malaysian hospital meal so special. In addition to the fried chicken, noodles and sambal, guests at this maternity ward in the Southeast Asian nation can expect doctors and nurses to break out the fine china when it comes to service.

Malaysian hospital food Credit: Flickr

6. Germany

As a rule, the best hospital menus tend to stick with what is traditional, and this German offering is no exception. Serving a selection of Germanic classics including schnitzel and spätzle noodles, alongside a side salad and cake, this menu proves that sticking to what you do best may be the way forward for all hospital cooks.

German hospital meal Credit: Flickr

7. Greece

With cooking dominated by vibrant salads and endless grilling, Greek food lends itself quite well to a hospital environment, as evidenced by the awesome photo from an Athenian maternity ward. Lamb chops, feta cheese, smoked fish and fresh fruit are apparently all on the menu, in what has to be one of the most well rounded hospital meals out there.

Greek hospital food Credit: Tumblr

No one wants to be faced with the prospect of a long stay in the hospital. Cooped up in bed with noone but nurses for company is not a situation anyone relishes. But, at least if you have one of these foods to look forward to, there’s a silver lining to an extended recovery period.