This restaurant serves epic eight-piece mac and cheese samplers

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ever ordered a creamy plate of pasta and been struck by the urge to shake things up every few mouthfuls? Maybe you’ve been so overwhelmed by the array of tasty options on a menu that ordering anything feels like an Italian Sophie’s choice? Thankfully for every restless mac and cheese fan, one New York restaurant is intent on letting diners have their diverse cake and eat it.

At “S’mac” – short for “Sarita’s Mac and Cheese” – all-American carb heaven is the order of the day. The menu is populated with clever riffs on the classic comfort food formula, combining both familiar and unfamiliar ingredients to create an a la carte that can keep even the pickiest customers satisfied. But, for the perpetually edgy orderer, the kitchen has something extra special up its sleeve. 

For just $17, dine-in guests can tuck into an eight-piece mac and cheese flight, dubbed the “S’mac Sampler”. Served in a cast-iron pan, carefully separated into eight equal parts, the dish allows you to tuck into flavours from across Sarita’s menu. You need never worry about mac envy ever again. 

Included as part of the Sampler are the restaurant’s All American, 4 Cheese, Cheeseburger, La Mancha, Cajun, Napoletana, Alpine, and Parisienne flavours. These in turn range from a traditional combination of cheddar and American cheeses in the “nostalgic” All American, to the infinitely more outrageous Parisienne, made with “Creamy Brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary.”

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Although the Sampler only comes in one set size and doesn’t allow for “substitutions or changes”, according to the S’mac website, the rest of the menu is much more flexible. Customers can choose sizes ranging from personal $6 “Nosh” portions, to enormous $65 “Partay” sharers, providing enough variety to suit any appetite. 

Aside from the set menu, S’mac also allows you to take their creations away for a home bake, as well as “create your own” from the kitchen’s vast array of mac-tastic ingredients. Choosing between pastas might be basically impossible, but at least here you have plenty of options on the table.