This restaurant serves insanely delicious 8-foot pizzas – and the best part is the price

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Any excuse for extra-large pizza is obviously extremely welcome. However, at one OTT American eatery, customers can find a whole new definition to the phrase “big eats”.

The aptly named BigA Bite in New York City specialises in serving huge eight-foot pies, topped with everything from aubergine to anchovies. Designed for sharing, these vast pizzas seem expensive on the surface but are actually great value for money.

If you’ve got an appetite for the unorthodox, the BigA Bite menu will be right up your street.

BigA Bite pizza BigA Bite in New York specialises in super-sized pizzas (Credit: Instagram/biga_bite)

BigA Bite serves 8-foot pizzas

No one who wanders into BigA Bite is left in any doubt about its USP. As the restaurant boldly proclaims, customers have a unique opportunity to “get a pizza bigger than you” – an exciting prospect for any diehard pizzanado.

According to the website, the kitchen’s “super airy pizzas can be built up to 8 feet long with many flavours of choice.” Each eight-foot pie can be split into five separate sections, meaning that there is plenty of opportunity for chopping on changing.

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Going all-in on a full-size pie doesn’t come cheap. The eight-foot option will cost at least $250 (£178), plus extra for added toppings.

However, if you do the maths, this actually works out as incredibly good value. The restaurant’s Instagram reveals groups of up to 15 gathered around a single pizza, meaning that one portion costs just $16 (£11).

Even though $250 is a lot to drop on any meal, it certainly makes sense as a way to sample one of the most unique pizzas in the whole of America.

giant pizza New York The giant pizzas at BigA Bite are certainly something to behold (Credit: Instagram/biga_bite)

Other options on the menu

Although the eight-foot pizzas attract the most attention, there are plenty of other reasons to get excited at BigA Bite.

The restaurant is also pioneering pizza-sushi hybrids dubbed “Pizziri”. For between $16 and $20 (£11 and £14) customers can sample six pieces of “Pizza Nigiri” featuring truffle and fresh parmesan.

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There are also more regular, fully customisable pizza options available if you don’t want to commit most of your monthly food budget to one pie.

However, despite the other options, there’s no doubt that the mega-pizzas steal the show. If you’re looking for a proper pizza adventure, this is one restaurant that will tick your box.