This restaurant serves poppadom-coated fried butter chicken burgers

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Some might argue that classic Indian cooking is almost impossible to improve. Clearly, these people have never tried to stuff a poppadom-coated chicken breast between two soft burger buns. If they had, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Providing proof that fusion food doesn’t have to be fiddly, irritating and ultimately underwhelming, the notorious Milky Lane restaurant in Australia has found a way to turn India’s iconic “butter chicken” into a hand-held thing of beauty. The result is about as traditional as a chicken tikka masala, but is just as mouthwatering as the original. 


Created as part of an exclusive January promotion for the chain, the imposing-looking sandwich is stuffed full of classic Indian ingredients, whilst indisputably remaining a burger. Dubbed the “Get This India” burger, it’s equal parts imposing and enticing.

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According to a description accompanying the dish on Instagram, the fillings include both butter chicken and poppadom-coated fried chicken breast, as well as cheesy mozzarella garlic naan fingers, more poppadoms, coconut vindaloo sauce, mint yoghurt aioli, mango chutney and sliced cucumber. Because what we really want from food like this is fresh fruit and veg. 


Even though the burger will only be available throughout January, the Get This India seems to have already attracted a loyal fanbase. Milky Lane’s original picture is saturated with gushing comments, including, “I had this today and it was sensational,” and, “Best thing I’ve ever tasted.”


Whether this positivity is enough to persuade the powers that be to put the dish on the menu permanently remains to be seen. For now, it looks like hopeful diners will have to move fast in order to get a taste.