Americans have just discovered crisp sandwiches and Brits are loving their reactions

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

The crisp sandwich is a staple of the British diet, right?

The age-old argument is what flavour of crisps works best between the bread – are you a ready salted or cheese and onion kinda person? 

Either way, the sandwiches are widely known as crisp butties because buttering the bread is a vital step.

crisp sandwiches americans

Americans think they invented crisp sandwiches (Credit: Alamy)

Given that most of us will have been chowing down on these delicacies from an early age, it’s safe to assume that they are consumed worldwide… but it would appear that some Americans are pretty late to the party, and have only just discovered this lunchtime delight.

Posting on the New York Times Cooking Instagram page, Americans have begun doing what the British have known about for decades.

“Making a sandwich? Put chips in it,” the post states. “Beyond crunch, chips also add stability, holding the fillings in place as you eat.”

For those who are unaware, chips to those across the pond are our crisps as opposed to what you might have with your fish.

Instead of the amazement that the post was potentially hoping for, it was met with a wall of British people laughing about how ridiculous it was that this was being coined as an innovation. 

“OMG such a revelation. So brave to post such a thing. Next up!! Bacon on just about anything,” one person hilariously commented.

Whilst another wrote: “Chips? In sandwiches? Groundbreaking.”

The post was picked up by No Context Brits over on Twitter, who simply penned: “Americans thinking they’ve invented the crisp butty.”

People were quick to jump on the tweet, with one person writing: “I don’t know why they’re pretending that’s a new idea.”

I’ve been doing this since I was able to make my own sandwiches,” said someone else. 

crisp sandwiches americans

This crisp butty is a British institution (Credit: Alamy)

As the ancient proverb (probably) states, British people will put anything in between two slices of bread and it will always make for an incredible meal.

The origin of the crisp sandwich apparently dates back to the ’60s, when Irish mother of 18, Noreen O’Neill, was struggling to support her family.

Needing a quick and economical meal, she stuck crisps between two slices of bread and the world hasn’t looked back since.

We truly salute you, Noreen.