Brits are just discovering Americans call penne pasta something else

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that people call foods different names around the world.

Case in point? Everyone losing it over Americans calling penne pasta something else…

Yup, when someone took to Twitter to reveal what it’s often called in the States, a lot of people couldn’t believe it.

Sharing a screenshot of a bowl of pasta with the caption: “He doesn’t even like noodles,” a Twitter user wrote: “Americans call penne pasta noodles? I feel like I’m gonna be sick.”

It doesn’t stop at penne. In some parts of America, people actually interchangeably call all pasta noodles.

“The other day I heard one call lasagna sheets ‘noodles’ and had to stay off my phone for a while,” said another person in the comments.

As a fellow Twitter user wrote: “They call spaghetti ‘noodles’ too and it’s so annoying but I really didn’t know it had deteriorated to this level.”

“I mean a lot of us call the general plethora of pasta ‘noodles’ as short hand,” chimed in someone from the US, who didn’t get what the fuss was about.

“I mean all pasta are noodles. They are just a smaller subset of noodles,” wrote someone else.

There were others who wanted no part of the noodle chat.

“One woman saying it doesn’t mean every american babes,” said one such individual.

“Uhh no. Unless it’s a toddler, people call it penne,” said someone else.

“I usually don’t defend Americans but literally what Americans are you talking about because I’ve lived here my whole life and noodles have only ever applied to like actual noodles and not penne,” someone else added.

Whatever you wanna call it, at least we can all agree pasta is pretty darn delicious. How about we just leave it at that?

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