People are making Angel Delight cocktails and they’re nostalgic AF

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Are you ready to be transported back to your childhood with a journey down memory lane?

A lot of us will have fond memories of inhaling Angel Delight at the speed of light. There aren’t many desserts that are easier to make than simply adding milk to a colourful powder, but we aren’t complaining because the result is oh-so-good.

Whilst it might be a childhood favourite, we’re firm believers there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating Angel Delight as an adult… but what if we told you there was a way to add a bit of an alcoholic twist?

Yup, food blog Planet Food has drawn some attention online after sharing a recipe for an Angel Delight cocktail – and we want to try it immediately.

Check it out below: 

There is always a debate raging about what is the best flavour of the nostalgic pudding, but Butterscotch fans will have to get inventive as this recipe recreates the strawberry flavour.

To start, Planet Food add a good handful of ice to a cocktail shaker before adding 20ml of gin and vanilla vodka – it already sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?

Next comes 30ml of double cream, though we’re sure a lacto-free version for those who require it will still do the job!

Add 15ml of Grenadine which will give the drink a vibrant pink colour that really gives it that strawberry Angel Delight feel.

As is customary with a cocktail, shake it to within an inch of its life before pouring it into a cocktail glass, which you can decorate however you like.

Planet Food rubbed the rim with lemon and added some colourful sprinkles to really make it look like a drink that transports us back to our childhood – though with the ingredients it goes without saying that this isn’t a drink for kids.

People are making strawberry Angel Delight cocktails

Angel Delight was a staple in a lot of people’s childhoods. Credit: Premier Foods

Once the drink is made comes the fun part, drinking it! The recipe makes two cocktails so you can scale up or down depending on how many you intend on making.

Now all we need is a cocktail styled after Chocolate Cracknell and pink custard and we can relive our school dinners while getting a bit happy.