Anti-vegan ‘sausage expert’ tricked into praising plant-based sausage on live TV

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than someone with ridiculous opinions getting egg on their face.

Case in point? A self-proclaimed anti-vegan ‘sausage expert’ who appeared on an episode of Jeremy Vine and was tricked into praising a plant-based sausage… before learning it didn’t contain any meat.

Want a good laugh? You can find a clip below: 

Framing the segment as an ‘experiment’, Jeremy Vine presented his guest with two sausage sarnies, and asked him to deduce which was the plant-based one.

Sun journalist, GB News panelist and Talksport presenter, Mike Parry, was adamant he would be able to tell the difference between them, after trying each without any sauce so he could absorb the true flavour of each.

“It is absolutely obvious to me that this first one is the false sausage, okay…,” said Mike after consuming the first sandwich. “That’s not a real sausage. That’s cardboard.”

Following a bite of the next sandwich, he declared: “This second one is clearly the real sausage. I could taste the meat in it.

“It was luscious and lovely. Tasted a bit like the one I had this morning. This is the winner.”

Queue the tumbleweed…

jeremy vine sausage mike parry

(The face of a bamboozled sausage expert Credit: Channel 5)

The camera then caught Jeremy Vine looked bemused, and replying: “Very interesting.”

He then reached behind the desk and pulled out two more sandwiches, telling his guest: “The answer is, is that the meat sausage is actually down here Mike. You’ve just eaten two vegan sandwiches.

“You I think are a vegan in disguise!”

As you can imagine, the ‘sausage expert’ wasn’t too thrilled at the situation.

“What an underhanded, downright rotten trick to put on a man whose reputation now as the ‘great sausage butty king’ is ruined,” he said.

Responding, Vine asked: “How do you feel that mistake was made? You’ve tasted sausage, right?”

Mike said: “All I can say is, that that’s cardboard and that’s sort of almost cardboard. Call it tissue paper.”

Not so luscious now, is it?!

“That shut him up! Brilliant,” wrote someone in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “The sausage expert getting pranked on Jeremy vine with a vegan sausage is my fav video clip atm”.

“Looolll hilarious how he tries to backtrack after saying the vegan sausage tastes just like the one he had in the morning,” chimed in a third. 

The Jeremy Vine segment took place during a debate on whether it was appropriate to call vegan products ‘sausages, burgers and steaks’.

It came after farmers calls for a ban on vegan offerings being given the same name as the meat they’re imitating. You can read more about that here.