Anti-vegans are eating ‘twice as much meat’ so ‘one vegan makes no difference at all’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Vegans are often stereotyped as being petty and preachy, but shall we tell you what’s really petty?

Over on TikTok, a bunch of haters are eating double the amount of meat in the hopes that “one vegan makes no difference at all”.

Yep, there’s a new trend sweeping social media, and it shows people stuffing their faces with allll the meat, to ensure they cancel out the efforts of someone who is plant-based.

You can check out an example below: 


Just making my gains 😂🤣 💪🏾 #fyp #comedy #gains #meatlovers

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We mean, come on!

Type in ‘twice as much meat’ on TikTok and you’ll see the app is absolutely swimming with videos in which people are scoffing everything from steaks to burgers with cave-man like rigour.

“Doing God’s work,” said one person as they grilled a steak and filmed the process.


Doing God’s work #gym #gymtok #bulkingseason #protein #based #meat

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Whilst another funnelled burgers into his gob at lightening speed, and added – rather cringe-worthily: “I’m built different”.


#vegan #food #foodtiktok #humor #funny #meme #memetiktok #veganfood #joke #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #giosweetfood

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As you can imagine, the accounts were getting lots of support in the comments too. Everyone loves to hate vegans, don’t they?

“Thank you for your heroic work,” wrote one person under a vid.

Whilst another penned: “Make sure to eat double the dairy and eggs too.”

“I’m on the same mission brother,” chimed in someone else.

As a fourth quipped: “A role model for all of us”.

eating meat tiktok vegans

We’re sure the vegans are quaking (Credit: Alamy)

Whatever your opinion on veganism and the stereotypes surrounding people that are vegan, cancelling out efforts which are ultimately for the benefit of the environment seems a truly bizarre – and dare we say embarrassing – hill to die on.

Alongside all the vegan haters, there were plenty of people who took this stance, too.

“The comments are so cringe,” wrote one person as they read supporters like the ones above.

Whilst another wrote: “People really like animals suffering? Like they are PROUD to make animals suffer!?!!?”

“I’m convinced that meat eaters are sooo obsessed with vegans that they convince themselves we’re obsessed with them…but glad we’re in your thoughts bro x,” mocked a third, who was plant-based herself.

“You might think you sound cool but it is killing our planet,” someone else said.

Obviously, we’re not going to tell you how much meat or dairy to eat (have you seen our giant Egg McMuffin?!), but loading up with the sole purpose of bringing others down isn’t the one, guys.

How about you enjoy your food in peace and allow vegans to do the same…