Emotional moment waitress realises she’s been tipped £5,500

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In today’s news that’ll make you shed a tear, let us introduce you to this Australian waitress whose life was changed by an incredibly generous tip.

University student Lauren was left in disbelief when she was given a whopping tip during her shift at Italian restaurant, Gilson, in South Yarra, Melbourne.

A diner whacked an extra $10,000 (£5,641) on the end of his lunch bill when they settled up, leaving her absolutely stunned and a little confused.

You can see her reaction to the moment below: 

“I made them say the number out loud, because I thought, what if I have just gotten too excited and I’ve stupidly read an extra zero, or something like that,” Lauren told 7NEWS.

“I keep going over it again and again in my head. The actual experience of it happening, second by second, was surreal and amazing.”

When Lauren realised the diner was legit, she had to check with her boss that she was actually allowed to accept such a gigantic tip.

australia south yarra waitress tipped 10000 gilson

The Australian waitress was left stunned by the tip (Credit: Nine)

It is reported that the mystery diner was a businessman who had made his riches through cryptocurrency, and owns over $120 million (£68 million) of property in Australia’s Toorak.

His table is said to have spent $500 (£286.95) on steak, pasta and a drink each.

“I am just extremely grateful, to know that they thought that much of my service is amazing,” Lauren added.

Whilst you might imagine the fellow waiting staff at Gilson were a little jealous of their colleague’s hefty inheritance, it turns out that, mostly, they’re just chuffed for her.

australia student waitress tipped 10000 gilson

The student waitress was tipped the equivalent of £5,500 (Credit: Nine)

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Lauren’t colleague, Charlotte Crow said to the publication: “She came up to me crying, she was like ‘Is this real? Was it a mistake, what do I do?’.

“[Lauren] is a really hard worker… she deserves it.”

Gilson owner, Jamie McBride, added: “[It’s] very pleasing, it makes the team feel really special when they’re acknowledged, especially when no one’s ever expecting anything like that”.

It’s reported that influencers high income individuals regularly dine out at this particular restaurant – although this tip is the highest they’ve seen by far.

Brb, we’re off to get a job at this restaurant, stat.