This hack can stop bananas going brown for 15 days

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An expert has revealed a hack for keeping bananas yellow for longer, and it could very well change the game forever more.

Yup, your bananas might typically bruise or go brown after a week or so, but it turns out there’s a nifty way you can help prevent that.

In fact, one expert has a hack which he claims will keep the fruit fresh and perfectly yellow for as long as 15 days.

bruised banana how to keep fresh

Here’s to keep a banana fresh for longer (Credit: Alamy)

Mike from Kitchen Tips Online recently shared two hacks, as per The Express. 

He says the main thing to do is to wrap the stems of the fruit in cling film – specifically, making sure each stem is covered so that the ethylene gas is stopped from leaking out, as this is what causes the fruit to brown.

Ethylene gas is produced to help ripen the fruit, but when the brown tinge comes when it gets too ripe and starts to go off.

Another idea is to use ethylene absorption balls, which prolong the life not just of bananas but of several fruits and veggies.

bruised banana how to keep fresh

Only perfectly ripe bananas for us from now on… (Credit: Alamy)

Mike suggests simply popping the absorption ball in an airtight container alongside your bananas for best results.

To test how successful the hack was, he put another bunch of bananas on the counter, and found that after about a week you begun to see a “significant difference.”

He noted the fruit on the counter was “significantly softer” than the fruit that had been stored in the container, thus proving the ethylene absorption balls were doing their thing.

By day 15, “a little bit of green” was still visible on the bananas, proving the balls really had stopped then ripening too quickly.

Whilst at this point, Mike notes there is a “little bit of bruising” when he goes to eat the fruit, the result is leaps and bounds apart from the counter-top bananas.

So, where can you get these magic ethylene balls?

You can find some very reliable Bluapple ones on Amazon here for £19.