Ben & Jerry’s Twists review – we try the latest flavour

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Anytime ice cream heavyweights Ben & Jerry’s bring out a new flavour there’s cause for excitement. 

As anyone who can recall their first taste of Phish Food or Chocolate Fudge Brownie will tell you, it’s immediately obvious when something’s set to be a stone-cold classic. 

Ahead of the release of the brand’s all-new cookie Twists, we sat down to give the pints a try. Here’s the official Twisted Ben & Jerry’s Twists review.

Ben & Jerry's Twists review Ben & Jerry’s Twists review (Credit: Ben & Jerry’s)

Ben & Jerry’s Twists review

Designed to celebrate 30 years of Ben & Jerry’s beloved Cookie Dough flavour, the new Twists range certainly doesn’t disappoint on the cookie front. 

Each tub comes stuffed with a solid core of cookie batter. Compared to the usual frustratingly meagre sprinkling of sweet dough, this is a welcome upgrade for self-confessed “Dough Heads”. 

The first flavour is the outrageously indulgent “Dough-ble Chocolate”. The entire tub looks like a chocolatey cross-section of the earth’s core. 

Complete with chocolate chunks, as well as the main cookie dough filling, this definitely won’t disappoint anyone with a sweet tooth. Some might say it’s too much. These people are clearly not to be trusted. 

The second option is the unashamedly ostentatious Rain-Dough. Featuring technicolour sprinkles, white chocolate swirls and a butter brown cookie centre, the tub looks like it was made after a dairy farmer accidentally milked a unicorn. 

The taste is just as magical as it looks. In fact, the vanilla ice cream is arguably a better foil for the cookie dough core than the chocolatey alternative. 

For cookie dough fans, the two Twists are definitely worth a try. However, there are a few issues. 

The main problem is that the cookie dough middle can be pretty difficult to dig out. This can lead to several minutes of frustrated staring as you wait for your tub to slightly melt. 

That said, you certainly get plenty of cookie for your buck.

Ben & Jerry's Twists review Ben & Jerry’s Twists Rain-dough (Credit: Ben & Jerry’s)

Where can I buy Ben & Jerry’s Twists?

The new flavours dropped at stores across the UK at the end of January. The RRP is £5.49, although some retailers may sell them for less. 

In a statement for fans, Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Guru Helder Silva declared:

“To celebrate 30 years of our iconic Cookie Dough tub, we wanted to give fans something new to be delighted by! 

“So here we have a modern twist on what they hold dear and the chance to expand their dough love with classic and entirely new combinations. We hope these tubs are the plot twist ice cream lovers didn’t see coming.”

We all deserve a treat this February. Thankfully, these pints provide the perfect excuse.