People are divided over ‘birthday cake hack’ which stops germs spreading

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It’s safe to say that we’ve all got used to thinking about the spread of germs over the last three years.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the various bouts of flu that have followed have left us all very aware of the spread of infection, and caused some people to think twice about things they did before, like hugging a mate when they’re under the weather and blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

But when it comes to the latter, one TikTok user believes they have found a solution…

Watch the video below: 


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Sharing a video of a birthday cake with the plastic casing still left on, and candles added to it, rather than into the cake itself, user @krystal_rochelle_ said the device was a trick she had devised to stop the spread of germs.

“Covid birthday hack!,” she wrote under the clip, which showed a woman about to blow the candles out, and the cake safely protected from any residue.

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“Yes, this is how we should do it from now on,” said one.

Whilst another wrote: “Genius. I always had issues with the spit spray even before Covid.”

“I’ve always thought blowing spit on a cake everyone eats was weird and it’s even worse now with Covid,” said another. “Great idea”.

blowing out birthday cake candles

People are realising hygiene issues behind birthday candles (Credit: Alamy)

However, not everybody was as on board with the TikTok innovation.

“Am I seriously the only one who can see this going wrong in a couple of ways?,” said another.

As someone else agreed: “I once tried something similar and it melted the plastic.”

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A fellow critic sarcastically wrote: “In the future cakes will have holographic candles that we [blow] out with our minds.”

“I mean a fun idea but a useless precaution in this case if you’re all in the same room and she has Covid,” said another.

“You all know that you’re in the same room…” a fifth unsure TikToker echoed.

birthday candles

Will you be shielding your birthday candles? (Credit: Alamy)

In response, the original poster clarified that nobody actually had Covid when filming the video, and that it was just a “cleaner way to do candles.”

She also clarified that she had stuck the candles in place with wax so that they didn’t fall. However, you could also use the likes of glue to ensure they remain in place on the plastic covering.

In the comments, several others also shared their own version of the hack, including using a paper plate as a shield and even blowing the candles with a can of compressed air (a little bit extra if you ask us, but you do you!).

We’re all for people setting their own boundaries when it comes to hygiene, especially in the wake of the pandemic. But here’s an idea, why not just cut an individual slice of cake and put a candle in that?

No need for plastic or canned air… result.