Biscoff Mochi Balls are all the rage on TikTok and we’re absolutely here for it

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Ah, TikTok – the app where everyone thinks they’re a professional chef.

Scrolling through food content on the video sharing platform, it’s easy to scoff at some of the so-called ‘recipes’ gaining momentum amongst Gen Z cooks (meat wrapped spaghetti, we’re looking at you…).

But there’s no denying there are some genuine corkers on there, too. For instance, feast your eyes on these Lotus Biscoff-filled mochi balls.


BISCOFF MOCHI 🤤 biscoff spread is liquid gold I swear

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You may have tried Mochi because of the brand Little Moons, or perhaps you’ve sampled one in a Japanese restaurant, but they’re essentially small, chewy dumplings made of rice flour coating an ice-cream filling.

And now TikTokers are making the dessert staple their own, by stuffing them with everyone’s favourite biscuit spread – Biscoff.

The recipe has been getting a lot of hype on the app of late, with several profiles sharing their DIY take on the popular Japanese ice-cream snack.

But user @audreysaurus is the one who has garnered the most attention with her take on the mochi balls, with over 3 million people having viewed her TikTok video.

If you love a Biscoff biscuit then this one’s for you (Credit: Alamy)

In her recipe, Audrey whips cream and sugar together to form stiff peaks, before folding in Biscoff spread and crushed up Biscoff biscuits.

Then, she scoops the mixture into small balls and freezes it, to create an ice-cream-like filling for her mochi balls.

Getting cracking on her mochi, next she simply mixes together glutinous rice flour, sugar, and water and then places in the microwave for short bursts (a process similar to steaming, which essentially cooks the ingredients and makes them form a stretchy skin).

Finally, she stretches her mochi skins around the cold cream and Biscoff filling and decorates her mochi bites, before letting them cool and then tucking in.

You can find the full run-down and ingredients list on Audrey’s Insta, alongside a bunch more recipes.


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There are several variations of the Biscoff mochi balls on TikTok – some (like popular page, Planet Food) stuff their rice flour dough with actual Biscoff ice cream, which you can buy from some UK supermarkets.

Meanwhile, other TikTokers suggest chucking Nutella into the mix, too.

However they’re made, there’s no denying the hype behind the Biscoff-filled take on the Japanese favourite.

“I need this in my life omg,” said one person, replying to Audrey’s OG post, whilst another simply wrote: “Holy cow”.

A third appreciatively commented: “Thank you so much for this, I’m making these today can’t wait to try them”.

It’s not often we heartily praise a TikTok recipe, but Biscoff mochi balls really do sound like a dream. We’re off to batch-cook 100 immediately.