Brooklyn Beckham mocked for saying his chef career bought him £1.2m car

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If we asked you why Brooklyn Beckham was stinking rich, you’d probably say his mum and dad’s net worth of $450m (£371m), and the fact his wife, Nicola Peltz, is the daughter of a billionaire.

But when the son of David and Victoria Beckham was randomly stopped by TikToker, Daniel Mac recently whilst driving his £1.2m red McLaren P1 sports car around Los Angeles, he gave a rather different response to how he could afford his swanky sports car.

In a video which he subsequently shared on TikTok, Danny went up to Brooklyn on Rodeo Drive and complimented his wheels, before asking what he did for a living.

And in response? Brooklyn credited his food career.

Watch the video below: 


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Daniel has a reputation for approaching drivers with random, plush cars and questioning what they do for work, and says that when he accosted Brooklyn, he didn’t even initially realise it was him.

Walking up to the McLaren car, of which only 375 models were produced, he said to the 23-year-old: “Hey man, what do you do for a living? Your car is awesome.”

In response, Brooklyn said he recognised the TikToker, before replying: “Um, a chef”.

“You’re a chef?! Really? Are you, like, the best chef in the world?,” Mac replied jokily.

“Trying to be,” he awkwardly replied.

brooklyn beckham tiktok danny mac

Brooklyn was approached by Danny Mac (Credit: TikTok/ Daniel Mac)

David and Victoria’s son was also asked by Danny what his chef name was. Turns out, it’s just “Brooklyn”.

When quizzed on whether he had any advice for aspiring chefs, looking to bag a £1.2m sport car of their own, he just said:  “Follow your passion, whatever makes you happy.”

To think that doing this could have bagged us a sports car and we didn’t even know it!

After watching the video, people had a lot of thoughts about Brooklyn’s response.

brooklyn beckham tiktok danny mac

Brooklyn received a mixed response for the TikTok (Credit: TikTok/ Daniel Mac)

“Born into a multimillionaire family and now married a billionaires’s daughter. But he’s a chef!!,” wrote one TikToker.

As another concurred: “Not him pretending being a chef got him that car….. Brooklyn, please.”

“It’s always incredibly motivating to me when kids with £500m parents tell us to follow our dreams,” wrote somebody else.

Others were kinder in the comments, though, with another writing: “He seems really sweet. It’s not his fault he was born rich. Too many haters in the comments”.

“Dude is a legend for being so humble,” chimed in somebody else. “Never mentioned who his dad was”.

Brooklyn does seem to be taking his new career as a chef seriously, even if it does come after previous forays into football and photography.

Brooklyn Beckham cooking show

Brooklyn recently launched a cooking show (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

It comes after he fell in love with food when in lockdown with fiancée Nicola Peltz, and proceeded to share a plethora of cooking reels on his Instagram and TikTok, knocking up mostly simple recipes, like a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich and french toast.

Such a newfound passion would likely remain a hobby for most of us…but not for Brooklyn. Fast forward a couple of months and he launched his own cooking show, Cookin’ With Brooklyn, where he learnt to cook everything from breakfast bagels to sushi, in episodes which aired across social media.

He enlisted the help of big-name pro chefs, like Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa – which was probably for the best, really.

And according to the New York Times, each eight minute episode of his show costs $1000,000 (£73,000), and has a team of 62, including a culinary producer, who approves all the recipes.

We reckon we could give a chef career a bash with that kinda money. Bring on the sports car!

Twisted has reached out to Brooklyn’s reps.