People are finding this cake cutting ‘hack’ incredibly distressing

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

TikTok is home of hacks – some good, some bad, and some ugly (like this garlic peeling hack, for one).

But we might have just discovered the most distressing ‘tip’ we’ve ever seen on there. Brace yourselves for this one, folks.

One TikToker is offering up advice on how to cut a cake, but they suggest you should remove the whole centre in order to get the perfect slice.

Shared by TikTok account, @MyFourWonders, the ‘How To Cut A Cake’ video sees the TikToker moving a knife around the centre of the cake in a circle and separating the outskirts in a ring.


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They then slice the outer ring resulting in a perfectly rectangular piece of cake. What’s wrong with the centre part?! We’re not sure, either, tbh.

One theory is that the hack allows for smaller, neater slices of cake, but it also feels like a terrible waste.

“As a baker, every time I see a video with a “cake cutting hack” I know it is going to shave months if not years off of my life expectancy,” wrote one person on Twitter as they spotted the video doing the rounds.

Whilst another penned: “If I saw you do this to a cake I spent hours on, I would fight you”.

slice of cake

Is a triangular slice of cake *really* so bad?! (Credit: Alamy)

“I would rather watch people only eat half the slice of cake I made/served them than watch someone maim my cake in this unspeakable way,” echoed a third.

“Excellent way to avoid the moist and delicious center of the cake!,” sarcastically quipped someone else.

As is always the way with TikTok hacks, there were others who thought differently about the idea, with some claiming it created tidier slices and less waste.

The same TikToker similarly divided opinion with another cake cutting hack on her page, which saw her slicing the cake thinly along the edge to create one big, wide slice.

She then subsequently cut the long slice into smaller pieces.


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“Honestly, kids waste A LOT of cake, this helps avoid that…if you’re an adult and like cake, get a second piece,” she wrote.

Now this one we can get on board with, so long as we get the first slice with all the icing on it.

Oh, and you better believe we’re going back for seconds *and* thirds.