Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Celebrity chef sparks fury as client requests £1500 pizza that costs more than people’s rent


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Nasima Khatun

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A celebrity chef has recently sparked outrage online after revealing that a client requested a pizza that cost a whopping £1,500.

Taking to TikTok, Brooke Baevsky, also known by her handle @chefbae, told her 277,000 followers that a celebrity client of hers wanted a luxury pizza which would set them back over a thousand pounds just because… well, they felt like it.

“My celebrity client wants a $2,000 pizza appetiser for their dinner tonight. Let’s go to Erewhon,” Baevsky explained, referencing a high-end supermarket in Los Angeles.

She then adds that she’s wearing sunglasses into the building because she’s been there three times already.


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The footage then shows the personal chef grabbing some unique pizza toppings including figs, almonds, a full range of mushroom powders, gluten-free flour blends and two waters that were £23 each.

Yeah, you read that right. Water bottles for £23 each.

Anyway, the total bill came to a staggering $944, which rounds up to about 750 quid on just ingredients for one single pizza appetiser!

Just to rub a bit more expensive salt in a very deep wound, Brooke also showed off a package that consisted of £200 of organic Manuka honey from New Zealand as well as £160 of caviar.

The video then continued showing the process of making the luxury pizza.

Credit: TikTok

First up it’s the dough, and while that rests Brooke started making the toppings which included “caramelising some figs with the Manuka honey.”

After that, she made some “organic cheese” with the mushroom powders and almonds – don’t ask me how that works but apparently it’s nice and “nutritional” according to Brooke.

She topped the pizza with vegan pesto which contained 24-carat gold flakes and also made a caviar-filled ranch for a side dip.

“Lastly, I make an organic date and fig balsamic reduction and then top the pizza with even more 24-karat gold flakes,” she said.

The video, which has been viewed over 4.6 million times since it was posted a few days ago, garnered a lot of attention with thousands heading to the comments to express their displeasure.

“This makes me think about how many kids go hungry at night in our country and there’s others living like this,” one user wrote.

“This pizza makes me want to tax the rich,” added another.

And a third pointed out that “this seems so extra for no reason…”

Credit: TikTok

And the comments didn’t stop there as more and more people continued to get involved in the conversation with some comparing the price of the pizza to their rent.

“The way the pizza is more than my rent,” said this TikTok user, who is also a chef.

“Bougie as hell and not the flex they think,” this user criticised and this other user also added that “It doesn’t even look like it tastes good.”

One TikToker also pointed out that while “loved it”, it’s “just not flatbread,” to which Brooke jokingly responded: “Superfood beauty powder infused gluten free pizza dough is exactly how they do it in Italy. Idk what you’re [talking] about!”

We’d much prefer to spend that money on something slightly more pressing and get myself a 3 quid frozen pizza from Iceland. Stuffed crust if I’m feeling as boujee as this Brooke’s celeb client.

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